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Future of NGO Studies Conference


We have received an excellent set of session proposals, reflecting a diverse range of theoretical, political, ethical, epistemological, and practical issues within NGO studies, from a range of scholarly fields and practitioners and from across North America and Europe.

We want to engage each other in identifying questions we've been asking, theories and rubrics we've been using, and methodological challenges we are facing; we then hope to explore what new strategies, bodies of research, and lines of inquiry will advance our work. We encourage panel organizers to consider alternative presentations from a set of individual papers and to favor a seminar, roundtable, or hybrid format. We also hope that sessions can generate some ‘takeaway’ output for conference participants unable to attend the panel. Presenters are invited to submit their papers, presentations, course syllabi, and readings lists. Please continue to check back as materials are uploaded. This additional multi-media will remain available after the conference.

Below is a list of sessions being organized for the Future of NGO Studies Conference. Click on the title of the session for a PDF description. 

Organizer: Greg Beckett 
Session: Nongovernmental Politics

Organizers: Victoria Bernal and Inderpal Grewal
Session: NGOs and Feminism in Theory and Practice

Organizers: Veronica Davidov and Ingrid L. Nelson
Session: It’s About Time: Temporality as a Lens for NGO Studies

Organizer: Scott Freeman
Session: Beyond Neoliberalisms: NGOs and Anthropological Theory

Organizer: Peter Bille Larsen
Session: The Anthropology of Conservation NGOs

Organizer: Katherine Lemons
Session: The Ethics and Politics of NGO-Dependent Anthropology

Organizers: Erin Moore
Session: Re-contextualizing the NGO as Fieldsite: Questions from the Field

Organizer: Laurie Occhipinti
Session: Faith Based Organizations

Organizer: Rebecca Warne Peters
Session: NGOs in the World System: Product or Provocation?

Organizer: Steven Sampson and Heather Hindman
Session: Elite NGOs, NGO Elites, and NGO Labor

Organizer: Marco Tavanti
Session: The Ethical Culture of NGOs

Organizers: Matthew Thomann and Joowon Park
Session: Moral Economies of Suffering and Humanitarian Compassion

Organizers: Rachel Wright
Session: Laboring in Nonprofits and NGOs

As the conference approaches, we encourage participants to contribute bibliographies, syllabi, and article links so that we can build our website for the AAA Interest Group on NGO and Nonprofit studies.