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Future of NGO Studies Conference

Session Materials

2013 Future of NGO Studies Conference

Session titles below link to a PDF description of the session. 

Nongovernmental Politics
Greg Beckett

NGOs and Feminism in Theory and Practice
Victoria Bernal and Inderpal Grewal 

It’s About Time: Temporality as a Lens for NGO Studies
Veronica Davidov and Ingrid L. Nelson

  • Jim Igoe - At the Potentia-Potestas Nexus - Paper
  • Jim Igoe - What's so Important About Friendship, Self-Care, and Emergent Potentia? - Paper

Beyond Neoliberalisms: NGOs and Anthropological Theory
Scott Freeman

The Anthropology of Conservation NGOs
Peter Bille Larsen

  • Miriam Harjati Sanmukri - Contested Spaces of Conservation NGOs and Indigenous Activism: A Case Study from Indonesia - Presentation Slides

The Ethics and Politics of NGO-Dependent Anthropology
Katherine Lemons 

  • Amanda Lashaw - How Progressive Culture Resists Critique: The Impasse of NGO Studies
     - Paper

Re-contextualizing the NGO as Fieldsite: Questions from the Field
Erin Moore

Faith Based Organizations
Laurie Occhipinti 

  • Laurie Occhipinti - Faith-Based Organizations: An Introduction - Paper

NGOs in the World System: Product or Provocation?
Rebecca Warne Peters

  • Daniela Irrera - NGO's Roles in Humanitarian Interventions and Peace Support Operations -  Presentation Slides
  • Johana Kunin - NGOs and Geopolitics in the World System: Bolivian Highlands Indigenous and Political Rap Scene and its Relationship with NGOs and Other Institutions - YouTube Links and Presentation Slides
  • Aaron Mulvaney - The State as NGO: PIA and Tsunami Rehabilitation in the Union Territory of Puducherry - Presentation Slides

Elite NGOs, NGO Elites, and NGO Labor
Steven Sampson and Heather Hindman

  • Ilil Benjamin - Medical and Psychosocial Volunteerism in Israel and Palestine - Paper

The Ethical Culture of NGOs
Marco Tavanti 

Moral Economies of Suffering and Humanitarian Compassion
Matthew Thomann and Joowan Park

Laboring in Nonprofits and NGOs
Rachel Wright