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Future of NGO Studies Conference

Format & Cost

The conference will convene in Chicago at the DePaul University Downtown campus on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 19 and 20, 2013.

The conference will be organized around several panels and a plenary discussion. It will include a ‘mentoring lunch’ to facilitate contact between senior and junior researchers and practitioners, in addition to a ‘working lunch’ for exploring next steps in NGO studies. We foresee the panels and plenary session opening into broad discussion that connects theme explorations and generates a sense of collective interests and concerns. The ultimate goal of the conference will be to construct an agenda for NGO Studies, including new lines of research and theorization, research collaborations, publishing opportunities, events at the AAA Annual Meeting, and mentoring opportunities.

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Registration is on a sliding scale:

  • Students and unemployed - $15
  • Part-time employed with university or NGO - $40
  • Full time employed with university or NGO - $75

These fees are current until October 1st, at which point they increase to $25, $50, $90, respectively.

Onsite registration will also be available, however, the cost of registration includes breakfasts, lunches, and coffee breaks, so we need to be able to plan ahead. Your advanced registration is appreciated.

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