University Policies for Grades of Incomplete


A grade of I (incomplete) is assigned at the discretion of the instructor, when illness, death in the immediate family, or other unusual and unforeseen circumstances not encountered by the other students in the class prevent completion of the course requirements by the end of the semester. Under these circumstances, a grade of I (incomplete) may be assigned when a student is unable to complete the course requirements but only when it is possible that the completion of the remaining work could result in a passing grade.

Before submitting grades to the Office of Registration and Records, an instructor who assigns a grade of I (incomplete) will provide the chair of the department with a written statement of the remaining work to be completed to remove the incomplete. Upon request, the student may obtain a copy of that statement from either the instructor or the department chair.


When special circumstances prevent a student̢۪s completing the requirements of a course, the instructor may, at her or his discretion, direct that the symbol I (indicating temporary incomplete) be entered in the student̢۪s record. When the I is assigned, the instructor will file in the departmental office a statement of the work to be completed and will set a deadline for the student to fulfill this requirement. In no case may the deadline be later than the end of the next term, including the summer session as one term, after the term for which the incomplete had been assigned.