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About the Music Library

The Music Library is a branch facility operating under the jurisdiction of the NIU Libraries System, which makes all of its materials available to the entire University community.  (The band, choral and orchestra libraries are under the sole jurisdiction of the School of Music.  The staff of the Music Library consists of the Music Librarian (who is also a member of the faculty of the University Libraries at Founders Memorial Library), one civil service employee, and student workers.  For reference assistance or any questions you might have about Music Library policies and procedures, please feel free to contact any of the full-time staff members. The online catalog is available on the Internet. The following are brief descriptions of policies and procedures pertaining to faculty.  Suggestions for any changes of policy or procedure should be directed to the School of Music Library Committee.

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Circulation of Materials

Circulation policies vary somewhat from those pertaining to students.  Circulating books and scores may be charged out for a renewable loan term of sixteen weeks, subject to recall if needed by another library user. Sound recordings circulate for a period of two weeks and periodicals for four days. All items may be renewed via telephone (753-1426 or 753-0156), the online catalog or in person.

If you wish to have a graduate assistant charge out materials for you, a letter must be written by you to be kept on file in the library indicating that a specific graduate assistant has permission to charge out materials. You will be held responsible for returning materials by the due date. The responsibility does not fall to the graduate assistant.

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Guidelines for Placing Materials on Reserve

Reserve lists should be limited to materials that are required for class assignments, not casual browsing.  The function of reserve in the library is to provide easy, controlled access to materials that are going to be used heavily for specific music courses and to insure that the materials are available when students need them.  Generally speaking, items should not be placed on reserve unless they are going to be used by five or more students.

Students are requested to use reserve materials within the library only.  Faculty members who need to use reserve items in class may check them out for such purposes.  Special circumstances may require a student to use reserve materials outside the library (such as reading a score at a piano in a practice room). In such cases, faculty members should leave instructions as to the use of the material when they place it on reserve.

Reserve materials are not retained from semester to semester unless special arrangements are made ahead of time with the Music Library staff.

Prior to the beginning of each term faculty should submit a Reserve List on which all scores, sound recordings and books to be placed on reserve for specific course are identified.   This information should include composer/author, full title (with edition or date, if needed to distinguish a particular version) and complete call number of each item.  A separate list should be submitted for each course at least one week in advance of the time students will be asked to use the materials.  At the beginning of each semester there are numerous reserve lists to be processed and this can take some time.

It is not necessary for faculty to charge out materials destined for reserve use; the library staff will compile the materials upon receipt of the Reserve List.  However, if you bring in an item that has been charged to you and you want it on reserve, please inform the staff that it is currently charged to you so that it can be properly discharged.

Please indicate how long you want materials to remain on reserve.

If the library does not have an item that you want on reserve, please submit a purchase request form to the Music Librarian well in advance of the time that your students will need it so that it can be ordered, cataloged and processed.

If a requested item is unavailable in time for your students or out of print and cannot be ordered, personal copies of materials may be placed on reserve, but at your own risk if the item is damaged by a library user.  Be sure that your name is clearly written on all personal materials that are placed on reserve.

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Ordering New Materials

Order forms are available in the Music Library.  Please fill out one of these Purchase Request forms for items that you wish to be added to the collection.  Feel free to discuss specific requests with the Music Librarian.

Orders are usually processed between August and March, as that is when the materials budget is encumbered.  Requests may be turned in at anytime, but might not be ordered until a new fiscal year begins.

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If you wish the Music Librarian to conduct an orientation or instruction session for one of your classes, please make arrangements well in advance of any desired time. Contact the library staff at any time for assistance on any matter pertaining to the Music Library. The hours of operation are posted at the main entrance.

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