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Mentoring Programs


Mentoring Programs Available on Campus

Below you will find an extensive list of mentoring-like opportunities for students to participate in, both as a Mentee and as a Mentor. Some programs listed are to develop relations between NIU undergraduates with NIU Alumni, others are for Graduate students at NIU, and finally some are for NIU undergraduates to connect with other current NIU students. For more information on the programs listed on this website, visit the program's website or contact the point person. To find the right peer-mentoring program for you, use the following categories to search through the list of many programs available on campus:

Mentoring Programs for First-Year Students ▼▲

Second-Year Students ▼▲

Programs for Upperclassmen Students ▼▲

Programs for Transfer Students ▼▲

Programs for Graduate Students ▼▲

Programs by Major/Department ▼▲

Programs by Ethnicity/Race ▼▲

Other Programs ▼▲