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Huskies Mentoring Huskies

The Huskies Mentoring Huskies program has been developed in line with President Baker's initiative of student career success. This website serves to provide student-to-student mentoring opportunities, as well as identify potential mentoring opportunities for NIU students with successful and established Alumni. Peer mentoring opportunities for students are beneifical for many reasons ... Check it out!

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A Peer Mentor can help a Mentee:

A mentor can be a useful resource for students who are interested in learning how to be successful at Northern Illinois University. Huskies Mentoring Huskies (HMH) is designed to help connect NIU students with a peer mentor through an academc or co-curricular program. HMH helps partner an undergraduate student at NIU with an experienced student who is academically successful, involved on campus, and who is a positive role model. Peer mentors in the Huskies Helping Huskies program will help teach each Mentee learn how to be an effective student academically, professionally, and to build leadership skills.

  • Grow to understand an academic program, major, area of interest, or department on campus
  • Increase confience by developing leadership skills through completing community service work, one-on-one interactions, and group activities across campus
  • Develop relationships with NIU faculty, staff, and administrators
  • Improve study habits by learning time management skills, effective studying techniques, and modeling succsessful skills