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Video Production


Video Creation

We offer a full range of professional video creation services to assist you in any or all aspects of your educational, training, or promotional programs. Our staff of experienced Multimedia Producers will guide you through the production process and ensure that you receive a high-quality video, whether your budget is large or small. Our services include:

  • Script writing and development - We can fully script your program from information that you provide or edit your existing script or print materials into an effective video format.
  • Videotaping - We can record the elements of your program on-location or in our studio using professional-quality cameras and accessories. Hollywood-style extras such as a camera jib arm, dolly, mini-Steadicam, and teleprompter are also available to enhance your production.
  • Video Editing - We utilize professional non-linear editing systems to efficiently assemble your program with the capability to easily revise it later. We also offer a diverse music library and have contacts with professional and student narrators.
  • Video Graphics - We can create dynamic, customized motion and still graphics for your program and its packaging.
  • Video Encoding - We can encode your program into Windows Media or numerous other formats for use in Web pages, PowerPoint presentations, or on-demand delivery methods, such as Podcasting.
  • DVD Authoring - We can create your master DVD in a simple auto-play mode or develop a deluxe menu-driven disc with chapter points for quick access to different sections of the program.
  • DVD Duplication - When your master DVD is complete, we can make DVD and tape copies for quantities up to 100. For larger orders, we can refer you to resources that specialize in mass duplication and replication.

For more information on these services, please call Jennifer Howard, Video Production Manager at 815-753-0179.