Vibrations Lab

Laboratory director: Dr. Abjihit Gupta

Engineering Building 253

Phone: 815-753-9379

  • Polytec PSV 200 Scanning Laser Vibrometer (stand alone, non-contact, full-field system consisting of a laser doppler vibrometer with a scanning unit involving drive electronics, video camera, and a pair of laser beam mirrors and motors, controller, data management system including FFT and various accessories such as close up attachment, motorized tripods, etc.)
  • LDS 300 lb Shaker (with Amplifier and Power Supply) 
  • Bruel & Kjaer 4 Channel Input / 2 Generator Portable Pulse
  • Data Physics DP550Win 3 Channel Controller (Sine, Random and Shock)
  • Modal Shop 50 lb Shaker and Amplifier
  • Bruel and Kjaer 45 N and 10 N Shakers and Amplifiers
  • Data Physics Ace 2 Input, 2 Output FFT Analyzers (in Laptop and Personal Computers)
  • Bruel and Kjaer 3550 4 Channel FFT Analyzer
  • Spectral Dynamics Bobcat 8 Channel FFT Analyzer (in Laptop and Personal Computers)
  • Vibrant Technology ME Scope Structural Dynamics Software 
  • Pulse Operational Modal Software
  • Spectral Dynamics Star Modal Analysis Software
  • Ansys Finite Element Analysis Software
  • FEMAP and Dynaview Modal Analysis Correlation Software
  • Nsoft Fatigue Analysis Software
  • Ncode dAtagate 14 Channel Data Acquisition System
  • Sony 8 Channel DAT
  • PCB Impact Hammers (sledge, general Purpose ans mini)
  • Accelerometers, Force Transducers and Impedance Heads
  • Omega Digital Stroboscope
  • Spectraquest Machinery Fault Simulator (to study vibration spectra of different defects, learning balancing, alignment etc. associated with rotating machinery)
Vibrations Lab equipment

Vibrations Lab equipment
Vibrations Lab equipment