From the absolute beginner to riders with thousands of miles of street riding experience, we have a course the meet the needs for varying riding skill levels.

License Testing Waiver Courses

Basic RiderCourseSM (BRC)

The BRC is a three day course (approximately 20 hours) designed to help you learn how to ride a motorcycle. The course is broken down to approximately 8 hours of classroom time which will be used to develop risk awareness, mental strategies for riding in traffic and learning about the effects of alcohol and other drugs on a motorcyclists ability to ride safely.  On the riding range you will learn the basic physical skills necessary to operate a motorcycle.  While the course is designed for novice riders with little to no experience, even experienced riders can learn something from taking this course.  Students will ride a Project owned motorcycle.  Helmets are available for your use.

Intermediate RiderCourseSM (IRC)

The IRC is a one day course (approximately 8 hours) designed for people returning to the sport after a time away from riding.  For someone who has the basic physical skills, but hasn't used them in a long time, this is a good way to get back into motorcycling.  There are two screening exercises that riders must participate in to be able to continue in the course.  If the coaches do not see the skills needed to continue you may be directed to participate in a BRC.  Students will ride a Project owned motorcycle. Helmets are available for your use.

Skills Improvement Courses (completion card NOT valid for testing waiver)

Advanced RiderCourseSM (ARC)

The ARC is a one day course (approximately 8 hours) designed for experienced riders who are wanting to improve their riding skills beyond the level of our other course offerings.  The classroom portion will get you to understand that safety is a choice, it gets you to start self-assessing the choices you make while riding and to understand Risk-Offset, the difference between your risk taking level and riding skill.  The riding portion consists of several braking and cornering exercises designed to help riders gain skills in those critically lacking crash avoidance skills.  You will ride your own motorcycle in this course.

Sidecar/Trike Course (3W)

The Sidecar/Trike course (approximately 8 hours) is designed for riders wanting to learn how to better handle and maneuver their 3-wheel motorcycle. The course uses the EvergreenSafety Council's Sidecar/Trike Education Program curriculum. The classroom portion will discuss some of the differences between a conventional and a 3-wheel motorcycle. On the range you will run through a number of exercises to help increase your skill level at operating your 3-wheel motorcycle. For the purposes of this course, 3-wheel motorcycle refers to a motorcycle with a sidecar or a conventional or reverse trike. It is permissible for family members to share the same 3-wheel motorcycle during the riding portion of the course.


We also offer a RiderCoach Preparation course for experienced motorcyclists who are interested in becoming a Motorcycle Safety Foundation certified RiderCoach.  Follow the link below for more information.