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Registration Process

To register you will need the following:

A valid drivers license - (06/05/2015) We can now accept a TVDL (Temporary Visitor's Driver's License) for entry into any of our courses.

An Illinois mailing address

A phone number where you can be reached to for updates regarding your course.

A valid email address where confirmation and other course information can be sent

A credit or debit card for registration deposit

In addition:

  • No phone registrations will be accepted.
  • Transfers can only be done if space is available. 
  • Walk-In Options are available

To register click the link that says "Registration Now Open!" at the site you wish to to take your course at. If registration is available, that is, if the date indicated has come and there are still openings, you will be directed to our online registration system. If you try to register for a course that is not available, you will get an error message indicating the schedule is not available.

In order to effectively manage the volume of registrants, our online registration process set up to open in smaller groups of 1-5 locations at a time,. These groups are displayed below with the date and time registration will be available for each site. Once a location displays as a link, it is open for registration, and will remain open for the duration of the course season, as cancellations and transfers create openings in some courses over time.

When registering, please be prepared to provide exact information from your driver's license, plus a home or work phone number and a valid e-mail address.

Registration Confirmation: Once the registration fee has been confirmed and the registration has been accepted into the system (meaning there was no duplication), a formal confirmation letter will be sent via email. Therefore, it is vital that you provide a valid email address when you register. The confirmation email will have a .PDF attachment with information about your course, including a link to a Google Map that will have specific training site and classroom location information. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING WHERE YOUR CLASS WILL MEET.

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Course Charges

There is a registration deposit of $20.00, plus a non-refundable $3.00 processing fee. Your card will not be charged until you are officially enrolled in a course. At the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to elect to donate your $20.00 registration fee to the program, or receive a refund of the $20.00 to the credit card used.

Only one person per registration form will be accepted, and a person cannot be registered for more than one course through the registration office. A person may attend additional courses as a walk-in student. If you registered for multiple courses you will be CANCELED from all but the first one you registered for. However, if at the time you register for a course you do not enter a method of payment there will be a balance due on the registration. If you then register for another course and enter payment information you will be canceled from the course that has a balance due.

The Motorcycle Safety Project realizes the limiting of one person per registration makes it difficult for people to register together in courses. However, large numbers of duplicate registrations experienced in previous years (resulting in equally large numbers of no-shows) required this change. This change will result in more people being able to register for courses.

Deposits: Your $20 online registration deposit reserves your place in a class. However, you must attend the first class meeting on time to claim your reserved seat. If you are late to the first night of class, your seat will be given to someone on the "walk-in list" and you will forfeit your deposit. There is no deposit required for walk-ins.

Processing Fee: University Outreach, Conferencing and Registration Services will include a $3.00 non-refundable fee for the processing of each online registration. This fee will be in addition to the registration deposit being made to reserve a seat in a motorcycle safety course.

Donations/Refunds: You may donate your $20 deposit to the Motorcycle Safety Project so that it may be used to help expand and improve our course offerings and operations. This will help to give many other people the opportunity to share the experience you will have with this course and help them to come into the sport of motorcycling in a much safer manner.

At the end of the course you participate in you will be given a form. To donate your $20 deposit, you will be require to check the appropriate box that indicates your desire to make the donation and then sign the form to acknowledge you are donating your registration deposit. If you elect not to donate the deposit, you must check the appropriate box to indicate you want a refund.

Persons registering online using a credit card will receive a refund in the form of a credit back to the appropriate credit card used to register for the course. There will be no direct transfers of funds to participants with credit card transactions.

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Transfers, Cancellations, and Substitutions

Transfers and Cancellations: No request for transfers will be accepted until April 1st and a transfers can only be made if space is available. You may contact our office to transfer from one course to another, but may only do so once without forfeiting your deposit. Transfers or cancellations must be made at least 5 business days (policy effective as of 4/15/2013) before your scheduled class starting date. Pre-registration cancellations and transfers received at least 5 business days (policy effective as of 4/15/2013) before the course starting date will be fully refunded after the course is finished. Cancellations from a course must be submitted to the Motorcycle Safety Project in writing via fax (815-753-8021), e-mail to OutreachRegistration@niu.edu, or regular mail.

All requests for a transfer must be submitted in writing via fax (815-753-8021), e-mail to OutreachRegistration@niu.edu or by regular mail to:

Motorcycle Safety Project
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL. 60115

Substitutions: There will be NO substitutions for anyone registered for a course that becomes unable to fill their assigned reserved course position. If a person becomes unable to attend an assigned course, someone will fill the position from the Walk-in list.

Registration Questions: For questions concerning course registration, transfers or cancellations please email OutreachRegistration@niu.edu

Course Questions: For questions about RiderCourses not relating to registration, transfers or cancellations please email MotorcycleSafety@niu.edu.

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Walk-in Registration

Walk-in registration option – For students who are unable to register for a specific course you have the option of showing up for the first course session to attempt to get into the course as a walk-in student. Walk-ins are taken from a lottery style drawing after roll call is taken at the appointed start time for the course. Annually, we take between 25% and 33% of our students as walk-ins. There is no deposit required for walk-in students.

How the walk-in system works:

  • Show up prior to the appointed start time and speak with the RiderCoaches conducting the course.
  • Your name and some other information will be placed on a list and you will be given a numbered ticket.
  • After roll call is taken at the appointed start time to see how many pre-registered students are in attendance, tickets will then be drawn to fill any remaining seats.

***Registration for the final weekend is now closed. Keep in mind that we do take walk-in registrations at ALL training sites though.***