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The Northern Illinois University Motorcycle Safety Project offers FREE motorcycle rider education courses at 11 locations throughout Northern Illinois. There is a $20 refundable deposit (plus $3 handling fee) required for pre-registration. Although a course may show that it is "SOLD OUT" we do take walk-in registrations in all of our courses. Please read about that process on the Registration page.


****Click HERE for a Google map which shows all of our locations and has classroom location information.****

****The following classes have been canceled: South Beloit High School 09/19/2014, Jefferson High SChool 10/05/2014 and 10/10/2014. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.****

Classes will fill quickly next year! Don't miss your opportunity to get into a class this year and be able to start riding right away next spring!

****The training site at South Beloit High School in South Beloit, IL has 9 available spots for course #356-18 09/26/14. Visit the Google Map link above for location information or visit the Registration page to register for the course #356-18 09/26/14 ****

****The training site at Highland Community College in Freeport, IL has 9 seats available for walk-ins this coming weekend (09/19/14) and many openings in classes from 09/26/14 until the end of the season. Visit the Registration page to register for a course!****

****The training site at Rock Valley College in Rockford, IL has many seats available for every class from 09/26/14 until the end of the season. Visit the Registration page to register for a course!****

****The classroom location at McHenry County College has been moved back to E117 effective immediately. A map of the MCC campus can be found at the following URL  http://www.mchenry.edu/maps/index.asp****

While a large number of our courses are showing "Sold Out" we still take walk-in students in every course. We have, in recent weeks, run courses at just over half capacity at several of our training sites due to the number of pre-registered students who do not show up. Visit the Registration page for course schedules at each of our locations.

Available seats by training site from classes starting 09/05/2014

Northern Illinois University, DeKalb - took 6 walk-ins, had seats for 0 more students

Highland Community College, Freeport - took 1 walk-ins, had seats for 5 more students

McHenry County College, Crystal Lake - took 3 walk-ins, had seats for 1 more student

College of Lake County, Grayslake - took 8 walk-ins, had seats for 10 more students

Elgin Community College, Elgin - took 5 walk-ins (2 in the Thursday class, 3 in the Friday class), had seats for 4 more students in the Thursday class and 2 in the Friday class

Rock Valley College, Rockford - took 6 walk-ins, had seats for 4 more students

Jefferson High School, Rockford, IL - took 5 walk-in, had seats for 2 more student.

Fort Philip Sheridan, Highwood - took 5 walk-ins, had seats for 2 more student

James A Lovell Healthcare Center, North Chicago - took 3 walk-ins, had seats for 5 more student.

South Beloit high School, South Beloit - took 2 walk-ins, had seats for 8 more students.

Don't believe when people tell you it's impossible to get into a class! We had seats for 43 more students last week.

Training Courses

Click a link below for more information about each course including rider gear requirements.

License Testing Waiver Courses:

Basic RiderCourseSM (BRC)

Intermediate RiderCourseSM (IRC)

Riding Skill Improvement Courses:

Basic RiderCourse2SM/Experienced RiderCourse (BRC2/ERC)

We will be conducting a Three Wheeled motorcycle course at College of Lake County, see HERE for more information and see the BRC2 registration page to register!

Advanced RiderCourseSM (ARC)

RiderCoachSM Preparation

Training to help earn a RiderCoachSM credential

For questions about RiderCourses not related to registration please email: MotorcycleSafety@niu.edu

Course Registration

You must be an Illinois resident to register.

Visit the Registration page to find a course at a location near you: