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UMCC Working Groups

Institutional Communications

internal communicationsThe Institutional Communications Subcommittee provides advice, counsel and hands on assistance in the creation, development and implementation of communications programs and tactics aimed at more effectively communicating to the campus community. The subcommittee provides a sounding board on issues that are gaining resonance among staff and faculty, and for evaluating current institutional communications initiatives.  

Chair: Harlan Teller


  1. Lori Botterman
  2. Michelle DeJean
  3. Liz Denius
  4. Amy Franklin
  5. Brad Hoey
  6. Jennifer Howard
  7. Stacy Jackson
  8. Angela Johansson
  9. Kathy Ladell
  1. Melanie Magara
  2. Mark McGowan
  3. Paula Meyer
  4. Lisa Miner
  5. Susan Mizgalski
  6. Heather Priest
  7. Ritu Subramony
  8. Mandy Wescott
  9. Sandra Woodson

Marketing & Social Media

marketing & social media iconThe Marketing & Social Media Subcommittee will share recruiting activities, communications, events and initiatives aimed at potential students and their key influencers. The committee will identify initiatives and opportunities that would benefit from sharing of resources, information and contacts between divisions and colleges. The goal is to generate new recruitment ideas and assure brand, image and voice consistency throughout all marketing communications. 

With regard to social media, the subcommittee will share successes and challenges faced by social media managers in higher ed. We will look at the different channels that work best for specific messaging and work to refine and implement social media strategies. We will also work together to ensure the university is in compliance based on the assessment from the internal auditors office. Our goal is to use social media as a listening tool in order to protect and enhance the NIU brand.

Co-Chairs: Abby Dean and Taylor Hayden

Meets: The second Wednesday of every month from 9:30-10:30 in Altgeld 225


  1. David Booth
  2. Carrie Callahan
  3. Sim Chin
  4. Greer Davis
  5. Michelle De Jean
  6. Amy Franklin
  7. LeAnn Gustafson
  8. Angela Johnansson
  9. Colleen Leonard
  10. Lisa Miner
  1. Dino Martinez
  2. Heather Priest
  3. Katy Saalfeld
  4. Emily Salvani
  5. Lhee Santos
  6. Lynn Slater
  7. Jeff Strohm
  8. Meryl Sussman
  9. Linda Watson

Public Relations 

public relations iconThe Public Relations Subcommittee will share activities, events and initiatives aimed at building NIU's reputation and brainstorm how we can maximize the reputation impact of thought leadership work being done by faculty and senior staff. The committee will identify initiatives that would benefit from sharing of resources and contacts between the Division and the colleges. The goal is to generate enhanced recognition of University research, artistry and programs at the regional, national and international level.  

Co-Chairs: Brad Hoey & Joe King


  1. Carrie Callahan
  2. Michelle De Jean
  3. Brad Hoey
  4. Don Ingle
  5. Joe King
  6. Kathleen Ladell
  7. Celeste Latham
  8. Melanie Magara
  9. Brian Walk
  10. Cass Young

Web Collaboration

web collaboration icon

The Web Collaboration Working Group collaborates on, reviews and enforces NIU's web standards; reinforces the importance of web page management as an official responsibility and high priority for staff in their respective units; provides feedback about enhancements and changes to the NIU website and related digital communication initiatives, and recommends the allocation of shared resources for future web-related projects. The goal of the committee is to build a clear channel of communication between colleges and divisions to support NIU website objectives.

Chair: Jeannine East

Meets: Every fourth Thursday, 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. in Founders Memorial Library


  1. Janie Wilson Cook
  2. Carrie Callahan
  3. Greer Davis
  4. Jeannine East
  5. Amy Franklin
  6. Curt Grimes
  7. Jacob Imm
  8. Ann Kenney
  9. TJ Lusher
  10. Marcus Machacek
  11. Paula Meyer
  1. Holly Nicholson
  2. Emily Salvani
  3. Brian Walk
  4. Linda Watson
  5. Katy Whitelaw
  6. Rachel Xidis
  7. Jory Keller
  8. Neil Colwell
  9. Dino Martinez
  10. Donnie Forti