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University Marketing & Communications Advisory Council


The University Marketing & Communications Advisory Council was established with the goal of fostering teamwork and information sharing among communicators across the university.

Currently, the UMCC full meetings are on hiatus until at least the fall semester, in order to allow the opportunity to rethink the goals, format and content of these periodic forums specifically and the group's overall mission generally. Team members are encouraged to share suggestions on ways we can make a relaunched UMCC and associated meeting roster as productive and useful as possible. We will be at the drawing board looking at new ideas, and any and all ideas from you will be welcome and carefully considered. 

Meanwhile, we have established other means of working together, most notably our marketing and social media, internal communications and web collaboration committees, which are all hands-on working groups that have engendered a good degree of campus-wide support. Those subcommittees will continue and hopefully build momentum over time. We encourage those who are not on these teams to join one, based on relevant interest and responsibilities  We will also look at specific campus initiatives on which we can all work together, most notably our implementation of recommendations coming out of our benchmark brand survey, which has relevance to us all. In addition, we will continue to communicate with each other through our online community, and in our informal interactions on campus.