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Brand Colors

Primary and secondary colorsOur primary brand colors are NIU Red and black. Gray (or silver metallic when applicable) is used as an accent color within both the NIU and Huskie Athletics logos. The formulas for NIU Red, black and gray are shown at right in their various forms for print and web display, as well as for embroidery in soft goods.

In addition to the brand colors of NIU Red, black and gray, a secondary color palette introduces a bright, fresh set of options that are helpful in extending the primary palette. Use these colors to separate information within charts and diagrams.

Color usage

Color usage graphThe following graph depicts the relative ratio of color usage within the NIU color palette.

  • NIU Red, black and white are the foundation of our palette and should be used prominently throughout all communications
  • Gray (silver) is an accent color and can be used to highlight key information
  • Secondary colors should only be used sparingly; they can act as pops of color to help create hierarchy and emphasis, and can be used within graphics and diagrams
  • Always use color purposefully, keeping in mind the proportions shown in the chart to the right

Color usage key