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NIU Calendar Support

We oversee the NIU Event Calendar, proofreading, verifying and publishing events. We build calendar feeds for your website to pull in events related to your college, division or department. For questions about the calendar, contact

Viewing Events on the Calendar

You can choose what events you'd like to view on the calendar. The default view is the All Events calendar.

  • To see all events, select Check All in the Calendar Menu that appears to the right of the main calendar.
  • You may just select the calendars that interest you.
  • After choosing your calendars, you may filter the events by event type, event place or department.
  • By default, you will see a list of events for a given day. By selecting the icons at the top of the calendar, you may change to a calendar view or view a month, week or single day of events.
  • If you looking at the calendar view, and there are too many events to display, click on the Display All link at the bottom of the calendar day.

Submitting an event

  • To submit an event to the calendar, log in to the calendar using your NIU ID and password.
  • Click on Add Event near the top right of the page.
  • Make sure that the "Post Date" at the top is today's date (or a future date if you don't want the event visible yet. Note: The "Post Date" should not be the same as the "Event Start Date" or it will not be visible on the calendar until the date of the event).
  • For private events, select only the Private calendar. For public events, select the All Events calendar and any additional calendar that is relevant. Please see the NIU Calendar Guide for help in choosing which calendars your event belongs on.
  • Submitted events will be verified and published after 3:00 pm each business day.
  • Events posted to the following calendars without descriptions will be rejected: Students, Faculty & Staff, Community & Outreach, Arts & Entertainment and Homepage.
  • If you post an event with images, you will need to include alternate text, which will describe the image (or, if the image contains graphic text, will restate the words embedded in the image) for users with visual impairments who may be using a screenreader.
  • For more detailed instructions on how to submit or edit an event, read the Master Calendar User Manual.


Getting an Undefined Error?

If you are submitting an event and the calendar times out, your event has been submitted and is in the queue for approval. You don't need to enter it again. Close your browser and open the calendar program again to enter another event.

Looking for the NIU Academic Calendar?

Past, current and future academic calendars are on NIU's University Council website.