Presidential Charge - NIU - Division of Marketing & Communications

Presidential Charge

In Fall 2013, new NIU President Doug Baker announced organizational changes designed to promote collaboration and integration within the academic and operational structures at the university.

“Over the past three months, I’ve found that NIU has many, many excellent and hard-working faculty and staff,” Baker said. “Yet, the structure of the institution – as is the case with many universities – has not fully facilitated the integration and collaboration critical to enhancing student learning outcomes in today’s global university.”

Restructuring is a necessary next step in improving student career success, President Baker's main focus for the university.

The Division of University Marketing & Communications (formerly known as University Relations) has been charged by President Baker to work with the academic deans and vice presidents and develop a revised organizational structure that integrates the university’s many division and college marketing, communications and branding activities.

“The vast majority of university marketing efforts remain at the unit level and are uncoordinated from a central standpoint,” Baker said. “The goal is to integrate all of the university’s independent marketing and branding activity currently occurring within the divisions, colleges and departments to ensure NIU is maximizing its marketing potential. NIU no longer has the luxury of independently administered departmental communications programs. We all need to be pulling together in the same direction and ensure that marketing, branding, and communications resources reach the areas where the potential for enrollment and impact is greatest.