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University Marketing & Communications Council


The University Marketing & Communications Advisory Council shall consist of marketing, alumni and public relations/communications personnel from each of the seven academic colleges and all major university stakeholder units including, but not limited to: Alumni Association; NIU Foundation; University Libraries; Division of Academic Affairs; Division of Marketing & Communication; Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management; Division of Outreach & Engagement; Office of the Vice President of Research and Graduate School; Division of Administration, Division of Intercollegiate Athletics & Facilities; and the Office of the anticipated Chief Information Officer.

Members of the council are recommended by their division vice president and/or dean and appointed by the Vice President of Marketing & Communications, who serves as chair of the Council. The Director of University Marketing & Communications serves as vice-chair of the Council.  Length of terms of council members is indefinite.

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One of the Council’s main functions is that of serving as a forum to exchange ideas and provide reports on advertising, marketing and/or communications initiatives underway within the colleges, departments and/or divisions to other marketing/communications colleagues in units spread through the university. Synergies and advantages are gained from sharing strategies or research/data findings on best practices and/or marketing approaches that could further stretch the university's dedicated marketing/advertising resources.

In 2014, the University Marketing & Communications Council will serve as a key stakeholder group to assist the Division of Marketing & Communications in developing and implementing an integrated marketing/communications effort university-wide, to meet the goals announced by President Doug Baker in Fall 2013.  On occasion, Council members will be requested to assist as expertise and time permit in university activities related to marketing and communications.  An example of this is now occurring with UCC representation on the steering committee for the student-led ELC team charged with assessing and recommending a cohesive communications university strategy for current NIU students to enhance retention goals. 

Also in 2014, the University Marketing & Communications Council will have as its policy foci that of enhancing student retention.  Focusing college/departmental and divisional efforts around enhanced marketing/communication initiatives to current students is anticipated to help the university’s overall effort to substantially increase student retention.  Council members will be requested to develop and implement unit-level marketing/communications strategies (in conjunction with their deans/divisional vice presidents) and report on these initiatives at Council meetings.