Steps to Donate:

Thank you for your interest in making a donation. Supporting the success of LGBTQ students during their time at NIU is central to our mission. Giving to the LGBT Resource Center within the Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management is an opportunity for you to invest in our students and shape their time on campus and their future success. Thank you for considering us as your philanthropic choice and for making a difference in the lives of NIU students. For more information on Investing In Our Students, please contact Adam Neal at 815-753-3170 or

To learn more about how to donate, click here:
The below instructions provide you with step by step instructions in using the above website.


Step 1: Enter donation amount in the box.

Screenshot 1

Step 2: Choose "I would like to make a One Time Gift".

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Step 3: Choose "Select a college or university wide program".

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Step 4: When the drop-down opens in new window, keep scrolling past SAEM to Other, where LGBT Resource Center is located.

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Step 5: Click on Continue once complete.

Step 6: Enter your personal information and Click on Next.

Step 7: Enter your billing ,credit card information and Click on Next.

Step 8: Review your information and Click on Next.

Step 9: Finish the donation.

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