Learn more about some of the people behind Prism.

Executive Board

Tim Woods President


Ask me what my favorite color is, and chances are it will be different every time! I am a senior here at NIU and enjoy martial arts, graphic/visual design, video games, sleeping, and being a Student Manager for Residential Dining at Neptune Central. I prefer male pronouns. Prism has great things waiting for you as we embark on another journey this year. Who's ready?

John-Michael Wells Vice President of Finance


I am a senior French Business and Translation and Environmental Studies double major with a Japanese minor and I am currently working towards GIS (Geographic Information Systems). I am also a founding and current member of the NIU French Club. I prefer male pronouns.

Margi Tinberg Vice President of Programming


I am a senior double majoring in Accounting and Public Administration. I am also a Community Advisor in New Hall on the LGBTQA Living Learning Community. I prefer female pronouns.

Kyle Urbashich Vice President of Public Relations


Kyle is currently a Business Administration major with an interest in writing and photography. Kyle is passionate about all issues as they related to the LGBT community, but takes special interest in LGBT youth homelessness and work revolving around the stigma and education about HIV/AIDS. Kyle has previously served as Prism's Pride Letter Editor and the Vice President of Public Relations and is anticipating another great year with Prism! Kyle prefers male pronouns.


Jesus Garcia Events Coordinator


Hi! I am a freshman at NIU majoring in Journalism. My hobbies include reading books, playing video games, writing, music, and watching movies of any genre. In my spare time I usually read books from my library (Hunger Games, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and The Fault in Our Stars) and watch movies (horror, drama, comedy). Get to know me and I'll love to know you. I want to be your resource and your friend for anything you need. I want to help and guide you to the right path. As an Event Coordinator, my ears our open 24/7. And remember "We are Infinite!"

Corey Lamb Publicity Coordinator


I am a sophomore Spanish major with a minor in Latino Studies. I am also a current member of the Spanish Club. I use male pronouns.

Lucas Marchini Pride Letter Editor


Lucas is an English with Writing Emphasis major who enjoys reading fiction, writing, listening, and being involved in LGBT+ communities. He greatly enjoys hearing students' stories and how being LGBT+ has impacted each student's life. Lucas has previously been involved with LGBT+ groups before transferring to NIU. His preferred gender pronouns are he, him, and his.

Curt Grimes Webmaster


I work for Residential Technology at NIU. I like Sonic the Hedgehog, board games, chocolate covered bananas, nap time, fresh linens, and sure, making websites exciting. I use male pronouns.

Faculty Advisor

Anne Petty Johnson


Director, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences External Programming

Anne is an NIU alumnus where she earned a bachelor's degree in history with an emphasis on Southern Progressivism, a graduate certificate in LGBT Student, and a master's degree in Adult Continuing Education with an emphasis on volunteerism and gerontological education. Currently, Anne is pursuing a graduate certificate in Women's Studies. She is an NIU Ally volunteer, a faculty affiliate for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies program, serves as an ex-officio on the Presidential Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, and teaches a section of UNIV 201: University/Transfer Experience every year. Anne prefers female pronouns.