2013-2014 Leadership

Learn more about some of the people behind Prism.

Executive Board

Marc Romero Jr. President


I'm a senior here at NIU and I'm in my third year as President of Prism. I really enjoy spending time with friends and learning about new technologies and how they apply to every day business problems. As President, I will ensure that our new structure is holding up to its promise, and also ensure that Prism is moving toward its organizational goal of increasing education and awareness of the LGBT community on campus.

Major: Operations Management & Information Systems

Jay Fucilla Vice President of Administration


In addition to being on the E-Board for Prism I am also a member of the Political Science Student Advisory Committee. In my free time I enjoy watching movies and listening to music. As the Vice President of Administration I will make sure that Prism is an organized and well running machine.

Major: Political Science; Minor: History

Mike Theodore Vice President of Finance


I enjoy being involved and helping people on a personal and professional level. In my involvement, I seek to infuse my knowledge and passion for LGBT issues with communities that may not be familiar with them. I hope to keep our budget and spending at stable levels to ensure Prism remains a powerful force on campus.

Major: Political Science - Public Administration; Minors: Southeast Asian Studies and Linguistics; Pursuing a Certificate in LGBT Studies

Timothy Woods Vice President of Public Relations


Ask me what my favorite color is, and chances are it will be different every time! I am a senior here at NIU and enjoy martial arts, graphic/visual design, video games, sleeping, and being a Student Manager for Residential Dining at Neptune Central. As Vice President of Public Relations, it will be my mission to bring a new face to Prism and restore a positive image to our organization. New beginnings are just beyond the horizon. Who's ready?!

Major: Computer Science; Minor: Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Zharfan Irawan Deputy of Finance


I am an international undergraduate student majoring in Accounting and pursuing a certificate in Civic Engagement. I hope to incorporate all of my study interests into practice through my involvement with Prism. As the first ever Deputy of Finance, I will be assisting the Vice President of Finance in various duties and acting as a liaison to officials inside and outside the organization.

Major: Accounting

Monet Jordan Fundraising Coordinator


Hello Everyone! I am Monet Jordan, a undergraduate student at the university and I am very happy to have the opportunity to learn and grow with this organization. I really enjoy the study of culture, which is why I am in my my cluster of programs and i love to learn the intricacies of people's experiences with cultures. As Fundraising Coordinator, I intend to work towards providing informative, inclusive, and most of all, entertaining events on campus to raise money for Prism.

Preferred gender pronouns: They, Them

Major: Sociology; Minor: Black Studies; LGBT Studies Certificate

Michael Sunderman Education Coordinator


I am so glad to be back! I have served as the Education Coordinator previously and am so excited and honored to be back for my senior year. A few things about me: I love the food network, Pokémon, 80s slashed movies and drag queens (You Better WERK!). I also am a huge nerd and love learning/researching just about anything. As Education Coordinator, I will work to both deepen our community's understanding of queer culture as well as foster an appreciation for the great diversity of people and identities that surround us.

Major: Biology with an Emphasis in Ecology and Evolution; Minor: Environmental Studies

Fred Vargas Pride Letter Editor


Hey guys! My name is Fred and I am a junior here at NIU studying psychology. I absolutely love the outdoors and going camping is one of my favorite things to do. I am a very fun person who is always ready to try new things. As editor, I hope to enlighten NIU students about the LGBTQA community that exists here on campus.

Major: Psychology

Curt Grimes Webmaster


I am a first year graduate student. I work for ResTech as a Graduate Assistant Application Developer Team Leader. I like Sonic the Hedgehog, board games, chocolate covered bananas, nap time, fresh linens, and sure, making websites too. As Webmaster, I will keep Prism's website updated, colorful, and exciting.

Graduate Program: Computer Science

Faculty Advisor

Anne Petty Johnson


Director, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences External Programming

Anne is an NIU alumnus where she earned a bachelor's degree in history with an emphasis on Southern Progressivism and a master's degree in Adult Continuing Education with an emphasis on volunteerism and gerontological education. Currently, Anne is pursuing graduate certificates in LGBT Studies and Women's Studies. She is an NIU Ally volunteer, a faculty affiliate for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies program, serves as an ex-officio on the Presidential Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, and teaches a section of UNIV 201: University/Transfer Experience every year.