Mobile Alerts

Prism likes to mix it up. We hold meetings all over NIU's campus. And while you surely check our Facebook page often, you may have forgotten about an upcoming event. If you give us your number, we can text you with the location and time of Prism gatherings shortly before they happen. Cool, huh?

Oh, and we hate text message spam as much as you, so we promise your number is safe with us!

To get mobile alerts from Prism...

Text Prism to 443-348-8159

or give us your number here:

We won't share your number with anyone else. Promise.

To unsubscribe from mobile alerts, text "STOP" to the next message we send you. If you need to be removed immediately, contact us.

Sorry! We cannot send you alerts if your provider is not on this list. But you can still like us on Facebook to stay in touch!
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