Lei (Larry) Hua, ASA, PhD (UBC 2012)

Assistant Professor
Division of Statistics
Department of Mathematical sciences
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL, 60115, United States

Research Interests

My research interests are motivated by applications. My recent research emphasis has been on the tail behavior of multivariate non-Gaussian phenomena and its influence on risk measures. The former incorporates the tail behavior of margins (e.g., tail heaviness and skewness) and the limiting properties of their dependence structures (e.g., tail dependence and asymptotic independence); the latter concerns issues that are meaningful to finance and insurance. In addition to applications in insurance and finance, the study of multivariate non-Gaussian phenomena is beneficial to other research fields, such as environmetrics and network data analysis.


Spr 2014: STAT673 Linear Models
Spr 2014: STAT485/585 Life Contingencies I
Fall 2013: STAT382 Theory of Interest and Financial Derivatives
Fall 2013: STAT486/586 Life Contingencies II
Fall 2013: STAT495 Special Topics in Actuarial Science (indep study)
Spr 2013: STAT673 Linear Models
Spr 2013: STAT481/581 Probabilistic Foundations in Actuarial Science
Fall 2012: STAT382 Theory of Interest and Financial Derivatives

Academic Employment

Aug 2012 - now, Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Division of Statistics, Northern Illinois University

Refereed Publications

Hua, L., Joe, H. and Li, H., 2014. Relations between hidden regular variation and tail order of copulas, Journal of Applied Probability 51(1), 37-57. [pdf]

Hua, L. and Joe, H., 2014. Strength of tail dependence based on conditional tail expectation, Journal of Multivariate Analysis 123, 143-159. [pdf]

Mao, T. and Hua, L., 2014. Second-order regular variation inherited from Laplace-Stieltjes transforms, to appear in Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods. [pdf]

Hua, L. and Xia, M., 2014. Assessing high-risk scenarios by full-range tail dependence copula, to appear in North American Actuarial Journal. [pdf]

Ebrahimi, N. and Hua, L., 2013. Assessing the reliability of a nanocomponent by using copulas, to appear in IIE Transactions. [pdf]

Hua, L. and Joe, H., 2012. Tail comonotonicity: properties, constructions, and asymptotic additivity of risk measures, Insurance Mathematics and Economics 51, 492-503. [pdf]

Hua, L. and Joe, H., 2012. Tail comonotonicity and conservative risk measures, ASTIN Bulletin 42(2), 601-629. [pdf]

Hua, L. and Joe, H., 2011. Second order regular variation and conditional tail expectation of multiple risks, Insurance Mathematics and Economics 49, 537-546. [pdf]

Hua, L. and Joe, H., 2011. Tail order and intermediate tail dependence of multivariate copulas, Journal of Multivariate Analysis 102(10), 1454-1471. [pdf]

Hua, L. and Cheung, K.C., 2008. Stochastic orders of scalar products with applications, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 42, 865-872. [pdf]

Hua, L. and Cheung, K.C., 2008. Worst allocations of policy limits and deductibles, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 43, 93-98. [pdf]

Book Chapters

Hua, L. and Joe, H. 2013. Intermediate tail dependence: a review and some new results, Stochastic Orders in Reliability and Risks (editors: Li, H. and Li, X.): In Honor of Professor Moshe Shaked, Lecture Notes in Statistics, Springer, 291-311. [pdf]


Hua, L., 2013. Tail negative dependence and its applications for aggregate loss modeling, under review. [pdf] [animation: GGS copula]

Ebrahimi, N., Hua, L., and Xia, M., 2014. Assessing nanocomponent reliability using lifetime data from nanosystems, under review. [pdf]

Li, H. and Hua, L., 2014. Higher order tail densities of copulas and hidden regular variation, under review. [pdf]