Student Bar Association

NIU Law has many student organizations which provide an excellent opportunity for students to become more involved in their law school community. The Student Bar Association (SBA) serves as the "umbrella organization" of the law school because it allocates funding to help support the work of other law school organizations. The SBA also sponsors such activities as speakers, a basketball league, picnics, parties, and other activities geared toward the professional, academic, and social interests of the students. Every law student is automatically a member of the SBA and thus may vote for candidates for its governing board. Four representatives are elected in September from the first-year class to serve for the Fall semester.

SBA Executive Board and Class Representatives 2013-2014

SBA Executive Board and Class Representatives 2013-2014

2013 - 2014 SBA Executive Board of Directors and Representatives

President: Emily Perkins - 

Vice President: Tom O'Grady - 

Secretary: Amanda Beveroth - 

Treasurer: Sam Perkins - 

ABA Representative: Manar Zayed - 

3L Representatives: Aliesha Graves - 
Alexandra Wisner - 
Bailey Standish - 
Emily O'Connor -

2L Representatives: Sarah Hagan - 
Jesse Guth - 
Alyssa Freeman - 
Sarah Walsh -  

Section 1 1L Representatives:  Krystle McNeely -
Michael Hulvey -

Section 2 1L Representatives:  Cole DeBlaey -
Mas Patel -