Phi Alpha Delta (PAD)

Phi Alpha Delta is a professional law fraternity that provides an important link between the law student and practicing attorneys. The international organization is the largest legal fraternity in the world with over 100,000 law students, legal educators, and members of the bench and bar.

Locally, the Dooley Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta offers opportunities to associate with practicing attorneys, judges and government officials and alumni in various related fields. In addition, PAD sponsors social functions to promote each member's full personal development during law school and after.

PAD offers professional programs, such as brief-writing workshops, access to study aids, and outlining instructions. PAD also offers the opportunity to socialize with students, which helps make your law school experience more manageable.

2014-2015 Officers

President: Laura Gaden -

Vice President: Jenni O'Connell -

Treasurer: Monique Perkins -

Marshall: Christine Janis -

Faculty Advisor:
Professor Jeanna Hunter
(815) 753-9481