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About the College of Law Blog

Subscribing to the blog

feed reader/news reader

  1. Look for the area labeled "Subscribe Now" on the right hand side of the blog. 
  2. Click "Subscribe in a reader."
  3. After clicking the link you'll see buttons for several major feed reader services (Google Reader, Bloglines, etc.). Click on the button for the service you use to add the College of Law blog to it. 
  4. If your reader isn't listed, look for the link labeled "View Feed XML." Clicking this link will open a new window containing a URL of the blog's feed. Copy and paste that URL into your feed reader.
  5. Tip: If you'd like more information about how RSS feeds work, their benefits, and how to use them, see the RSS Feeds FAQ from the NIU Faculty Development & Instructional Design Center web site. 


  1. Look for the area labeled "Subscribe via Email" on the right hand side of the blog. 
  2. Enter your email address and click "Subscribe."
  3. A window will appear with a "distorted letter" (Captcha) image. Type in the letters as shown and click "Complete Subscription Request."
  4. You'll shortly receive an email from "Feedburner Email Subscriptions." When you receive the email, click on the link in the email to confirm your subscription. 
  5. You'll receive an email on any day when at least one new item has been posted to the blog. (To cut down on email clutter, Feedburner saves up all blog posts within a 24-hour period, and sends them all in one email.) 

Submitting information to the blog

  • All news and events submitted to The Docket will also be cross-posted to the blog.  
  • College of Law faculty and staff who wish to submit content to be posted only to the blog should send the information via email to Jacob Imm.
  • Heads of student organizations who wish to submit announcements to be posted only to the blog may submit requests to the associate dean for Student Affairs.  Such requests may be granted subject to the following policies:
    • The preferred method of ensuring an announcement is posted to the blog is to submit it to the Docket. All events and announcements posted to the Docket are automatically cross-posted to the blog on the day the Docket is published.
    • If the announcement is too time-sensitive to wait to be published in the next scheduled Docket, an officer of an SBA-recognized student organization may submit a request to the associate dean for Student Affairs for the announcement to be posted directly to the blog.  Such requests will normally be granted subject to the following:
      • The associate dean for Student Affairs and the webmaster reserve the right to edit any such submissions for reasons of length, grammar or spelling prior to posting them to the blog.
      • Under ordinary circumstances, only one post per week related to the announcement or event will be made (For example, if an organization is selling tickets all week to an event on the weekend, only one blog posting would be done that week – that is, a daily blog posting would not be made to remind readers that tickets were still available, etc.).
    • Requests from individual students will not be granted without prior approval of the associate dean for Student Affairs.
  • Please note that information on the blog is not limited to the College of Law, and is viewable by anyone on the Internet. Information that needs to be restricted to NIU students, faculty and staff can be accommodated; please contact Jacob Imm for details.

Searching the blog

  • Use the "Labels" to search for posts by topic (e.g., information of interest to 1Ls, course updates, events, general announcements, etc.)
  • Use the "Archive" links to review all posts published during a given month.

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