Dean Rosato joins NIU Law graduates in their traditional cap toss. 


As a public institution, NIU College of Law is dedicated to providing a quality, affordable education to all qualified students.  Fifty years ago, the university primarily relied on state support to sustain educational quality. Today, however, that support has declined to less than 25 percent of NIU's budget. Committed to keeping tuition and fees affordable, Northern now looks to private donors for the support needed to maintain Northern's excellence.

At the same time that public support has declined, higher education costs have risen - dramatically. The need for new instructional technologies tells part of that story. So does increased utility costs and the need for new students services, particularly financial aid. The list goes on and on, but there are few new sources of revenue to meet those challenges. The only area of support with the potential for long-term growth is private support.

When you give to the NIU Foundation, your gift is distributed directly to the College of Law. In this way, you help to ensure that Northern continues to maintain its position as a first-class environment for teaching and learning.

Tomorrow's leaders in virtually every walk of life are today's students at Northern Illinois University, and their education will continue to flourish thanks to the generous private support given by Northern's friends and alumni.

For information on giving to the College of Law, contact Greg Anderson at (815) 753-9604 or e-mail