Technology Tips

Saving Files in the Computer Lab

Security devices installed on the Law Library computers do not allow files to be permanently saved to the hard (C:) drive. Please save data only to floppies, flash drives, or the home directory each student has on the NIU student server, found on the F: network drive. When you access the F: drive, you should see a folder with your z-number on it. This is your student home directory.

Password Reset

Please visit to set up your verification questions under "Change your password" so you can reset your password online in the future. If you have already set up verification questions, you can use to change or reset your password. If you have not, please call (815) 753-8100 to reset your password.

Wireless & Off-Campus Access

Please see for instructions on setting up wireless and VPN (off-campus) access.


You can access your NIU email at For questions or assistance with email, go to or call the Help Desk at (815) 753-8100.