Alumni Association and Alumni Council

NIU Law Alumni Association

Upon graduation, all students become members of the NIU Law Alumni Association. Through social and professional events, alumni can establish both informal and formal networks. The support of alumni is an important factor for many students during their career search. Additionally, many alumni often act as informal mentors and guides to students, offering both personal and professional guidance. These networks continue as the students begin practicing law.

Alumni Council

The Alumni Council of the Northern Illinois University College of Law Alumni Association is comprised of alumni interested in maintaining a strong connection between the COL and its alumni. Members serve four-year terms.  The Council meets no fewer than three times per year.  Anyone interested in serving on the Alumni Council may contact Melody Mitchell, Director of Alumni Events & Public Relations, at

Current Alumni Council Members:

Kenya Jenkins-Wright (‘03), President
Brent R. Eames (‘09), 1st Vice-President
Melinda Rosales-Byerly (‘03), 2nd Vice-President
Laura Alms ('12), Secretary
J. Matthew Pfeiffer ('00), Immediate Past President

Katherine Haskins Becker ('11)
Karen Blouin ('06)
Lauren Buchanan ('08)
Blake Cosentino ('03)
Diane E. Elliott ('05)
Ald. Robert W. Fioretti (’78)
René Hernandez (’90)
Rachel Hernandez Hoag (’05)
Doressia L. Hutton (‘01)
Hon. Anthony A. Iosco (’78)
Eric Johnson ('10)
Heather K. Johnson (’01)
Ryan Lipinski ('04)
Andrew Lothson (‘08)
Stacey Mandell (‘96)
Lisa Matich ('01)
Julie Neubauer ('07)
Kate G. McCabe (’01)
William Obuchowski ('13)
Riley Oncken (’04)
Dartesia Pitts  ('05)
Neal Smith (’04)
Glenn M. Sowa (’83)
Larry Stein (’93)
Nick Valadez (’89)
Andrew Welp ('10)
Jay Wiegman (92)
Karen Wilkerson ('97)