Phone Services

Conference Call Services

Meet Me Conference

NIU employees can have a conference call with up to thirty parties at a specified time. There are a limited number of Meet Me conference numbers assigned, therefore a Meet Me Conference needs to be prearranged by calling 1-815-753-0963. At this time, there is no charge for this service.

Arrange for all the conferees to call the number at a prearranged time. The coordinator of the call should dial in a few minutes before the prearranged time. Expect to hear ringing until a second person joins to establish the conference bridge.

As in all conference calls, one caller from our NIU campus system must remain in the conference until all callers are finished for the conference to remain active.

Toll Free Conference

Using a toll free number, callers participate in the call without the worry of a per minute charge. Only the sponsoring department will pay for the call. See Conference Call Service Rates.

This service offers a variety of special features not provided by Meet Me Conference:

  • Announcement of callers joining or leaving the call
  • Private roll call
  • Participant count
  • Call Recording
  • Lock Conference (no new participants can join)

To set up a Toll Free Conference, call 815-753-0963 or fill out a work order at > Work order.