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Applicants & Admitted Students

Getting Started

Your Z-ID

All applicants and admitted students are assigned a Z-ID. It is permanent. 

If you don't know your Z-ID:

  • Applicants: Call 815-753-8100 (24/7/365).
  • Admitted students: Call 815-753-8100 (24/7/365) or look up your Z-ID in the Directory - your email address starts with your Z-ID.


Your initial password is your date of birth in YYYYMmmDD format. Mmm is the first 3 characters of the Month.

  • January = Jan, February = Feb, etc.
  • Example: January 1, 1993 = 1993Jan01

Need help determining your initial password?

Next, change your initial password to a permanent one at

NIU E-Mail

Your email address is your 

NIU sends email to your NIU mailbox. Go to

Learn more - Student e-mail


  •  NIU Security Certificate - You must install the NIU security certificate in your browsers to use some of NIU's web services.

Application status, registration, class schedule, financial aid, payments and more