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Available Software

Microsoft EES Home Use (formerly MsCA)
  • Microsoft CA Win Ultimate Upg Home (free) - Available on 1 media
    THIS IS THE OPERATING SYSTEM. WIN7 is available in both 32 and 64 bit. Win8 is available in 32bit only. Win8.1 is available in 64bit only. DVD Media cost is $15.74 plus 1.26 tax payable to NIU by check only. Win10 is available thru this websiteWin10
  • Microsoft CA Office Home (free) - Available on 1 media
    MS Office includeds Word, Excel, Access, PowerPt, Publisher, Outlook. The cost for the Office DVD is $15.74 plus 1.26 tax payable to NIU by check or cash. Only Office 2013 is available for purchase. Office 2016 is not available.
Product Overview:
Version Information:
Current Version(s): Office 2013, Windows Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10
If you purchased Win8 and would like to upg to Win8.1, go to Upgrade to Win 8.1
for more information from Microsoft.
Looking to purchase Win10? Go to Win10