What's Happening on Campus?

What's Happening on Campus? 

Looking to serve the community?  Learn more about volunteer opportunities in the DeKalb community by visiting Student Involvement & Leadership Development's website about community service opportunities.

Common Reading Experience in UNIV 101

This year the Common Reading committee has selected Acts of Faith, by Eboo Patel as its common reading book for the 2013-2014 academic year. Eboo Patel is a social activist and co-founder of the Interfaith Youth Core based in Chicago. In Acts of Faith, Patel discusses his passage from adolescent apathy to an urgency to be a part of something during his college years. Through his serendipitous journey, Patel reflects on his own beliefs, his interactions with non-believers and believers of many different faiths, and his call to act on his own passion to develop the Interfaith Youth Core to bring people together to promote civic engagement through service learning and dialogue. Acts of Faith opens a door to discussion on formulating identity and determining belief systems, a topic that is developmentally relevant and often on the minds of our students as they navigate their transition in and through to college.

Civic Reflection at NIU

As part of a recent strategic planning effort, NIU has been identifying and organizing various engagement activities on campus. Civic Reflection helps NIU students, faculty, and staff come together to discuss and relate a piece of literature or media to their civic engagement experiences. By participating in the Project on Civic Reflection, NIU is becoming more unified as a university. It eliminates individual organizations' attempts to provide discussion on civic engagement.  It also educates both students and faculty alike through meaningful discussion.

The Northern PACT

The Northern PACT, which is designed around Ernest Boyer’s Principles of Community, has been signed by thousands of students pledging to take responsibility for making the NIU community a caring, open, just, disciplined, and celebrative place in which to live and learn. The theme for 2011-12 is an “Open Community, where freedom of expression is welcomed while respecting others.” 

Sign the Northern PACT and get a free T-shirt by visiting the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership Development in the Campus Life Building, room 150, from 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Journeys of Spirituality and Meaning Floor

Students who desire to live their spirituality while engaging others in conversations about multi-faith commonalities are residing together in Grant Towers. This floor celebrates open-minded, intellectual curiosity, tolerance of multiple beliefs, and the freedom to practice one’s own spirituality. Residents have opportunities to participate in service projects, discussions about the social impact of faith, and field trips to local and regional places of spiritual importance. Students also have a great deal of freedom in suggesting discussion topics and planning floor activities.

Association of Campus Religious Organizations (ACRO)