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Professor Chenyang Li

Chenyang Li

(Pictured above) Professor Kenton Clymer, Department of History; Professor Chenyang Li, the Director of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies at Yunnan University; Deb Pierce, Associate Provost, International Programs, NIU; Prof. Kheang Un, Assistant Director, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, NIU; Prof. Catherine Raymond, Director, Center for Burma Studies, NIU; Julie Lamb, Outreach Coordinator, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, NIU. 
It was a real pleasure to host Director Li today at NIU; we appreciate the chance to make connections in the world of Southeast Asian Studies with colleagues in other nations like Director Li.  He was here as part of a three-week tour of the US through (I believe) the International Visitors Program, sponsored by the US Department of State.  His escort, Dr. Jude Kieda, told me that the State Department told Director Li he really needed to visit us at NIU because of his area of interest in Burma.

March 7, 2011