Holmes Student Center Guest Services Department

The Guest Services Department at the Holmes Student Center exists to assist all visitors with any issue that may arise. The Guest Services Staff continuously patrols the halls of the Student Center in order to maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all guests.  We are available every evening to help ensure that guests have a great experience while visiting the Student Center and aim to deliver outstanding customer service. We are available to provide a number of services including;

  • Escorts to vehicles, nearby residences or other campus buildings
  • Last-minute room contracts (only as space and time will allow)
  • Building directions, contract locations, and information
  • First Aid & CPR response by trained staff
  • Acting as a liaison between other departments to fulfill requests
  • Provide escorts from loading areas to contracted spaces
  • Provide wheelchairs for guests with mobility impairments 
    Please call the Information Desk Directly to request a wheelchair  

Information Desk & Lost and Found

The information desk attendant is available 7 days a week to assist with any questions about the Student Center, or campus in general. You can also stop by or call us if you need to check the Lost & Found. Most items are held for a period of thirty days and are then delivered to the Department of Police & Public Safety.

Visitor Parking & University Paylot

The University Paylot is open to all visitors of NIU. Cost to park in the lot is $5 per entry. Students with orange parking permits are strictly prohibited from parking in the lot from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM Monday through Friday. Hotel guests will receive a permit at check-in that must be displayed by hanging from the rearview mirror

How about free parking? Bring your receipt to the University Bookstore and get $5.00 off your purchase of $15.00 or more. It’s the same as getting your parking paid for!

NIU Departments wishing to pay parking costs for incoming guests should send an e-mail to Be sure to include;

  • Date of the event
  • The name(s) and/or number of people expected
  • What the name of the event is
  • Expected time of arrival for those attending
  • A NIU account number that charges can be billed to

For parking related questions please visit or call (815) 753-1045.

Hours of Operation

  • Sunday through Thursday:
    5pm - 12am
  • Friday through Saturday:
    5pm - 1am

Contacts us

Guest Services:
Phone: 815-753-1924

Information Desk
& Lost and Found:
Phone: 815-753-8560

Visitor Parking
& University Paylot:
Phone: 815-753-1145