The Holmes Student Center is a non-discriminating, equal opportunity employment center. The HSC employs approximately over hundred students a semester. You must be enrolled for six credit hours at Northern Illinois University during the academic year in order to be eligible for student employment. We also employ students from high school and junior colleges as extra help.

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Contact Information
  • AV: (815)753-1323
  • Hotel: (815)753-1444 or hotel@niu.edu
  • NIU Book Store: (815)753-1082 or 753-1082 or smyers@niu.edu
  • Blackhawk Food Court, dishroom & kitchen help: (815)753-1751
  • Catering: (815) 753-1549 or nmyers@niu.edu
  • Huskie Hub, Coffee Corner, Barsema 3 Sons, and Bartending: (815)753-6548 or nlarson2@niu.edu
  • HSC Guest Services: (815)753-1924 or 753-1924 or dlong1@niu.edu
  • Huskies Den: (815)753-1491 or 753-1491 or criddle@niu.edu