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Advanced-Accelerator R&D (AARD)

Project Lead: Phillipe Piot, Physics

This project investigates novel particle-accelerator concepts -- including high-gradient particle acceleration, cold electron sources, and beam manipulation – that could support the realization of very compact particle accelerators with application ranging from Fundamental science, medicine and Industry.

The GAEA cluster supports the exploration of beam-driven particle acceleration techniques capable of achieving very high accelerating field in the GigaElectronVolt-per-meter range, i.e. two orders of magnitude higher than conventional accelerators. GAEA also enables the investigation of ultra-cold electron source capable of producing high-quality electron beams for free-electron-laser and ultra-fast electron diffraction applications. The cluster is also use to examine possible applications of electron beam to produce high-energy photon beams by colliding with intense laser pulses.

Our group make extensive use of software from the BerkleyLab Accelerator Simulation Toolkit (BLAST; see ) and suite of software available from the Argonne Accelerator Physics group at the Advanced Photon Source ( ). We also develop our own software when needed.

More info on our research can be found at .