On-Campus Housing

Summer 2014 Contract

2014-2015 Contract

Duration of a Residence Hall Contract

Students are not typically released from their contract to commute from home, move in with a friend, or change to off-campus housing. Residence hall contract are for a full academic year (August-May) as long as the student is enrolled at Northern Illinois University during the contract period. If you are not prepared to commit to live on campus, do not sign-up for a room. On-campus housing offers students the opportunity to be released from their contract to support specific academic programs that involve full-semester, out of county experiences:

1.) Student teaching assignments that are for a full semester or 2 consecutive half-semester student teaching assignments outside of DeKalb County.
2.) Internships, Nursing Clinical Field Experiences, or Cooperative Education assignments that are a full semester outside of DeKalb County.
3.) Participation in a Study Abroad program.
4.) December graduation.