On-Campus Housing

Move-Out Checklist

Please use this handy checklist as you move out of your room. 

Check Out 2014 You must schedule a time with your Community Advisor to inspect your room with you before you leave.  Complete all items on this list prior to your appointment.  Your Community Advisor will document the condition of your room with you present.  You will sign the room condition form and keep the yellow copy for your records.

Tasks to complete in order to successfully check out:  2014


Schedule appointment with STAFF (CA) to check out


Update your permanent address on MyNIU.niu.edu



Empty and thoroughly clean entire Microfridge unit


Defrost freezer


(Stevenson suites only ) Move Microfridges into the 2 bedrooms


Leave Microfridge plugged in and on setting “2”


Be sure fridge and freezer doors are CLOSED!


Completely empty your closet, drawers & vanity


Leave the lockable drawer UNLOCKED


Remove all personal belongings from the room


Donate before throwing away!

Any items in a reasonable shape to:

Give and Go: Move-Out 2014

Donation bins are in every resident hall’s lobby!

Items will go to Goodwill.  

More info? Flyers are on each floor bulletin board!


Remove all trash from the room and sweep and vacuum floor


Take large trash items (old carpets, etc) to dumpster


Stevenson residents who have a loft kit, return them to the basement elevator lobby of your tower


 Stevenson residents, If you checked out internet equipment, return it to the RESTECH HELPDESK  


Close and lock windows


Close curtains/ blinds


Show up for your appointment w/ Community Advisor


(New Hall, Grant, Gilbert & Stevenson North) Leave A/C on. Please put thermostat on cool Mode & set to 74F

(Stevenson South Only) Leave Toggle Switch in the On-Position with dial in the middle.


Turn off lights


Close and lock your door when you leave


If you have a backup key, return it to the front desk


Sign your Room Condition Form, and key envelope

Failure to complete all the tasks on this list may result in an improper check out fee of $50 in addition to charges for damaged or missing items

See your Community Advisor or Hall Director with questions, or call the Work Request Office at 753-4948

Revised 3-2014