Lifestyle Options

Lifestyle Options

Most residents share a double room with one roommate on a coed floor. Because we know this lifestyle option does not suit everyone, we offer other lifestyle options as space allows. Students do best in the environment that lets them feel most comfortable. The lifestyle options that may be best for someone else may not be best for you.

Residence halls have no curfew. All residence halls are smoke free.

Quiet Lifestyle

Quiet lifestyle floors enjoy quiet hours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (except for Friday evenings and noon to midnight Saturday).

Quiet hours require that sound will not interrupt effective study or sleep.

Single Gender

Single gender floors are available to women and offer an alternative to coed housing.


Coed floors offer alternating rooms for males and females to encourage interaction. Coed living is offered only on floors with separate bath facilities for each gender.

With roommate agreement, 24-hour visitation is permitted on all coed floors.


Alcohol-free floors prohibit alcohol possession or use by students or their guests regardless of age.

Students under 21 are not allowed to have alcoholic beverages anywhere on NIU Campus.

Living Learning Communities

NIU offers a number of living environments for students in specific Living Learning Communities. These programs provide residents with the opportunity to interact with faculty and participate in activities related to their area of study.

Living Learning Communities offer a unique opportunity to blend increased academic experiences in a student's major field of study and faculty interaction with a vital and supportive interpersonal residence hall floor community. The development of an atmosphere conducive to both study and peer interaction is aided by the Academic Community Environment quiet hours structure.

Room Types Available

The majority of rooms at NIU are traditional double rooms.

Clusters:  Are for twelve students who live in six mini-suites.  In clusters, the students share a common area, kitchen, and laundry facilities.  The mini-suites contain two single rooms with a shared bathroom

Double: Rooms for two students, available at Grant Towers, Stevenson Towers, Lincoln Hall, Neptune Hall, and Douglas Hall.

Singles: Rooms for one student.  Single rooms are available in Grant and Stevenson.

Suites: Four-person and two-person suites are offered in Stevenson Towers. Each four-person suite has two bedrooms and a furnished living room. Some of the suites in Stevenson Towers have their own bathroom.

Mini Suites: Mini-suites contain two single rooms with a shared bathroom, available in the new hall.

Triples: A limited number of triple room spaces are available in relatively large rooms in Lincoln Hall and Douglas Hall.

Transfer Student Community Floors

Stevenson B Tower, 3rd - 7th floors, is a community designed specifically for new transfer students. Transitioning can present challenges socially and academically, and NIU is here to support you. Some of the benefits of the Transfer House include:

  • Living with other transfer students
  • A Community Advisor who understands specific needs of transfer students
  • Educational, social, and career planning events
  • Resources for academic advising, meeting degree requirements, and graduate school
  • The Transfer House in Stevenson Towers offers a variety of rooms, which include suites with or without bathroom, double room, and single room.