Living Learning Communities

Join a Living Learning Community

After being admitted to NIU, students receive an application and information packet from Housing & Dining.
Assignment to a House depends on many factors. Students who apply and meet the following requirements will be given first priority:

  1. Have been admitted to the College or Department involved in a particular House
  2. Have a sound academic record
  3. Have been involved in extracurricular and leadership activities

Other students will be considered on an individual basis if space is available.


Residents in Living Learning Communities will:

  • Participate in learning opportunities outside the classroom;
  • interact with faculty at a higher frequency;
  • feel supported in academic endeavors;
  • feel more connected to NIU;
  • experience personal growth through living in an environment dedicated to a specific major or interest;
  • be able to identify academic resources.

In most programs, priority is given to students who have a major or who intend to have majors in the academic field related to the program. In some cases, students with a strong interest in the academic discipline are accepted. Acceptance into the Living Learning Communities is not automatic. Some programs require a minimum GPA or ACT score.

Early applicants have the best chance of being assigned. If you have been admitted to NIU and have not yet received the Housing & Dining information packet, or if you have any additional questions, please contact:

Residential Administration Office

Housing & Dining
East Neptune Hall
DeKalb, IL 60115


Before beginning the online room selection process, please know which LLC you would like to live in. For further instructions, please visit the LLC main page.