On-Campus Housing

New Hall

New Residential Complex

Our brand new, 1000-bed residence hall complex opened to all students in Fall of 2012 just north of Lincoln Hall. This new community features two residential buildings where students live in small group clusters of 12. Cluster living arrangements offer enhanced privacy (every bedroom is a single).  New Residence Hall offers semi-private restrooms shared with one other student.  There is a common space for each group of 12 residents that includes a study area, living room area, and kitchen-like area.  New Residence Hall also features a large community center with a food court style dining area, a recreation facility, and a wireless lounge/gaming area.

Due to the popularity of New Residence Hall, room availability is limited.  There is still plenty of room in the Honors House Living Learning Community.

In-Hall Amenities:

  • Wireless internet in all lounges
  • Wireless internet in all rooms
  • Tutoring center
  • Study rooms
  • Laundry facilities in each cluster
  • Community Safety Center
  • Single rooms
  • Cluster & Mini-Suite Living
  • In-Hall recreation facility
  • Air conditioning
  • Honors House LLC

Floor Plans

To determine where your mini-suite is located in your cluster and in the New Hall, please refer to the diagrams below.

  1. Please use the "New Residence Hall Floor Plan" document to determine what type of cluster you live in (A1, A2, B1, or B2).  This will ensure that you're looking at the correct floor plan for your cluster.
  2. Click on the correct floor plan for your cluster.  You will choose from "Cluster Type A1," "Cluster Type A2," "Cluster Type B1," or "Cluster Type B2."

Floor Plans

New Residence Hall Floor Plan 
Cluster Type A1 
Cluster Type A2 
Cluster Type B1 
Cluster Type B2 

Living Learning Communities

Honors House is located in the East Building of the New Hall.

Street Addresses

New Hall West:

1175 N Lincoln Dr.
DeKalb, IL 60115

New Hall East:

501 N. Annie Glidden Rd.,
DeKalb, IL 60115


New Hall NIU

Room Layouts

Cluster Layout

Single Room layout


Cluster & Room Specifications

New Residence Hall - Final Walkthrough