FAQ: Contract Cancellations

FAQ Contract Cancellations Requests

How do I cancel my housing contract if I will not be attending NIU?

If you will not be attending NIU, you need to notify Housing & Dining in writing in order to cancel your residence hall contract. You can download the Contract Release Request from this website. The date your Contract Release Request is received in the Residential Administration office will determine the amount of refund or additional charges as delineated in Section III. E. of the Contract Addendum.

What if I want to cancel my contract but will be attending NIU?

If you have signed an application/contract for residence hall accommodations and no longer desire to reside on campus, you need to be released from your contract. Otherwise, you are responsible for room and board charges as delineated in the Contract Addendum. "Request for Release from a Residence Hall Contract" forms and accompanying explanations are available from Housing & Dining. Request for release from a residence hall contract are reviewed on an individual basis and are not automatic. The signing of another housing contract (i.e., apartment lease) is not grounds for release from a contract.

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