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2014 - 2015 Meal Plans

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Residential Meal Plans

All students living in the residence halls are required to have a meal plan.
Students may select from our Huskie Unlimited Access,
Huskie 65, Huskie 90, or Huskie Lite meal plans.

Huskie Unlimited Access Meal Plan

Huskie Lite Meal Plan

Huskie 65 Meal Plan

Huskie 90 Meal Plan


Huskie Unlimited Access Plan

Provides unlimited access to any All You Care To Eat dining centers where you come and go as often as you'd like throughout the day during operating hours.  This unlimited meal access is provided for the entire semester.  You will never run out of meal service with this plan.  The Huskie Unlimited Access plan offers guest meals for friends and family. It also includes Flex Dollars which can be used at any dining location on campus (excluding Subway & Ellington’s in the Holmes Student Center). Flex Dollars spent in the Holmes Student Center, Barsema Hall, Founders Memorial Library and DuSable Hall are subject to state sales tax. Unused guest meals and Flex Dollars not used by the end of the semester will be forfeited.
The Huskie Unlimited Access plan structure provides worry free dining for your student.

All You Care To Eat Dining Centers are:  Gilbert, Neptune, New Hall and Stevenson

Residential A la Carte Dining Centers are: Gilbert East Side Café, Stevenson Dog Pound Deli and Neptune Trident

Non-Residential A la Carte Dining Centers are:

Blackhawk Cafeteria Holmes Student Center
Campus Grind Holmes Student Center
Coffee Corner Holmes Student Center
Dugout DuSable Hall
Founders Café Founders Memorial Library
Huskie Hub Holmes Student Center
Three Sons Café Barsema Hall

Card holder is responsible for guest(s) and must accompany them for duration of meal.

Declining-balance plans:

  • The Huskie 65 Plan has a value of $65 per week
  • The Huskie 90 Plan has a value of $90 per week 

The Huskie 65 & 90 Plans are designed for those customer who choose to make specific purchases and traditionally would eat more frequently at the East Side Café, Dog Pound Deli or Trident. Use of Dining Dollars in the All You Care To Eat locations is done by a flat rate charge at the door (Breakfast $5.50, Lunch $7.50, Dinner $8.50).

The weekly declining balance meal plans value will be allocated to each resident Monday at 12:01 a.m.  Any unused portion of the weekly allocation will expire Sunday at 11:00 p.m. and is not refundable.  You will need to plan your weekly expenditures to fully utilize the value of the plan.  In weeks that are shortened due to University holidays/breaks, you will receive a pro-rated allocation based on the number of days of dining unit operations for that week.


The Huskie Lite Plan Offers 140 meals that can be used in any of our All You Care To Eat dining centers during operating hours. You also get $25 Flex Dollars to use at any a la carte location.  On-campus residents who are involved in full-day (7 hours or more) academic assignments (student teaching, nursing clinical assignments, internships, etc.) for 2 or more days a week a minimum of 8 weeks of the semester, have the option to contract for a reduced meal plan that is more compatible with use for dinner and weekend-only schedules.
Apply for the Lite Meal Plan


Commuter & Non-Residential Meal Plans

Housing & Dining is proud to announce our new commuter meal plans for the 2014-2015 academic year! The new meal plans combine Flex Dollars and Block meal to provide flexibility to our customers.

With your Block meals, you can visit any of our residential All You Care To Eat locations. Plus, each commuter meal plan offers additional value by including Flex Dollars that can be used in any a la carte dining location on campus (excluding Subway & Ellington’s in Holmes Student Center). Flex Dollars spent in non-residential dining locations (Holmes Student Center, Barsema Hall, Founders Memorial Library and DuSable Hall) are subject to state sales tax. Unused meals and Flex Dollars not used by the end of the semester will be forfeited. 
†Does not include Block 80 Plan.

The commuter meal plans are purchased per semester through the Housing & Dining office. You can also use the allocated meals to treat friends and family members. The chart below shows the meal plans options and savings.

Meal Plan Meals Flex Dollars Plan Cost Savings*
Huskie Loyalty 175 10 $125.00 $175.00 $22.50
Huskie Loyalty 300 20 $200.00 $300.00 $45.00
Huskie Loyalty 450 30 $325.00 $450.00 $92.50
Huskie Loyalty 650 50 $450.00 $650.00 $162.50
Block 80 Plan 80 -0- $550.00 $30.00
*Savings are calculated by using the average cost of lunch at $7.25 per meal

Each commuter meal plan offers additional value by including “Flex” dollars that you can use in a variety of dining retail locations on campus. Flex dollars are used like cash and can be used in many of our non-residential dining centers.

Including the following:
Blackhawk Cafeteria (Holmes Student Center)
Campus Grind (Holmes Student Center)
Coffee Corner (Holmes Student Center)
Dog Pound Deli (Stevenson Residence Hall)
Dugout (DuSable Hall)
Founders Café (Founders Memorial Library)
Huskie Hub (Holmes Student Center)
Starbuck’s Eastside Café (Gilbert Residence Hall)
Three Son’s Café (Barsema Hall)
Trident Snack Shop (Neptune residence Hall)

To be eligible to purchase any of these plans, you must be a current-enrolled, matriculating student for the concurrent semester that the plan is purchased. We encourage that you take full advantage of the plan since any unused meals and/or flex dollars are forfeited at the end of each academic semester. For a full list of details and restrictions of any of our meal plans, visit our website,

Off-campus and commuter students who wish to sign up for any of the residential dining plans, may do so by filling out the following form and either bring it into the Housing & Dining Administrative Office located in Neptune East 101, or scan it and send it to Once we receive your request it will be posted to your NIU OneCard and you will be able to use the plan.
Off-Campus & Commuter Meal Plan Sign up Form

Summer Meal Plans

As a service to students who are on campus during the summer months, Housing & Dining has developed an optional Summer Dining Plan that students may request to give them access to meals during the summer academic session. This plan has been developed to give students as much flexibility as possible in how and when they use their Summer Dining Plan, to allow students to bring personal guests to meals, and to allow a student to add to his/her Summer Meal Plan at any time during the summer session.

Visit Summer Dining Plan Option for more information.
To request a summer meal plan, use the Summer 2014 Meal Plan Request form.

Meal Plan Changes

Students who would like to change meal plans may do so Fall semester through September 30, 2014 and Spring semester through February 12, 2015 at no cost. Meal plan changes may also be made the first week after a resident changes halls.
Want to change meal plans?  Meal Plan Change Form

Huskie Bucks can be purchased to use in any on-campus dining location.  They can also be used for laundry in the residence halls, printing in the computer labs and at several local restaurants; click here for a complete listing. Students can also add Huskie Bucks on the Internet by going to the OneCard Office web site.