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Housing & Dining




Michael Stang Executive Director 815-753-9651
Wendy Rodriguez Office Manager 815-753-9651

Executive Director's Office 815-753-9683
Student Recruitment & Assessment
Dino Martinez Associate Director of Student Recruitment Initiatives & Assessment 815-753-7482
Jakendra Williams GA for Assessment 815-753-1795
Erin Sherrill GA Volunteer Coordination 815-753-7462
Stephanie Luka GA Marketing Project Coordinator 815-753-7462
Business Affairs
Brien Martin Associate Director 815-753-1647
Barb Stark Budget Analyst II 815-753-9563
Barb Hancock Business Manager I 815-753-9561
Barb Beverley Student Employment Coordinator 815-753-1843
Northern View Community (Apartments)
Jennifer Zeinz Complex Coordinator 815-753-3996
Rosa Campos Graduate Assistant Community Director 815-753-3997
Sarah Sweet Chief Clerk 815-753-3995
Northern View Office 815-753-8439
Residential Administration (Contracts & Assignments)
Paul Wrezinski Associate Director of Residential Administration 815-753-9777
Kay Shelton Senior Housing Officer 815-753-1527
Nancy Ondera Housing Officer 815-753-9612
Fran Pugh Housing Representative 815-753-9717
Stefan Groebel Application Support Specialist 815-753-9610
Daniel Mendez Application Graduate Assistant 815-753-2745
  Student Housing Sponsor 815-753-1541
Residential Administration Office   815-753-1525
Office Fax   815-753-9669
Residential Life (Residence Halls)
Patricia A.R. Martinez Director of Residential Communities 815-753-0545
Tammy Klavenga Office Support Associate 815-753-1526
Debbie Gettemy Associate Director of Residential Communities 815-753-1963
Bobbie Cole Associate Director of Residential Education 815-753-9605
Mark Canaday Assistant Director for Residential Community Standards 815-753-1769
Charles Holmes-Hope Acting Assistant Director of Residential Staff Development 815-753-8716
Lauren Teso Complex Coordinator of Residential Operations & Hospitality Services 815-753-5287
Matthew Hanson Residential Academic Advising Coach 815-753-5224
Jimmie Martin Residential Academic Advising Coach 815-753-5222
Alyson Cole Leadership Development Grad Assistant 815-753-7380
Rebecca Borowiak Student Conduct Grad Assistant 815-753-8222
Living Learning Graduate Assistant 815-753-0570
Fax   815-753-9226
Gilbert Residence Hall
Complex Coordinator 815-753-1648
Shelli Vogeler Chief Clerk 815-753-1666
Caysea Nolan Desk Operations Graduate Assistant (DOGA) 815-753-1469
Elizabeth Colvin Full Time Hall Director 815-753-3116
Main Desk 815-753-3110
Grant Residence Hall Towers
Ryan Colvin Complex Coordinator 815-753-8752
Dawn Montgomery Chief Clerk 815-753-8719
Kristen Patenaude Desk Operations Graduate Assistant (DOGA) 815-753-1968
Will Nolan Full Time Hall Director C Tower 815-753-1965
Ashley Carboni Graduate Hall Director D Tower 815-753-8751
Mark Misic Grant C Business LLC 815-753-6368
James Benson Grant D STEM LLC 815-753-6764
Melissa Burlingame Grant D Green Living LLC 815-753-5987
Grant C/D Main Desk   815-753-1994
Fax   815-753-6963
Computer Lab   815-753-4901
Neptune Residence Hall
Complex Coordinator 815-753-1648
Shelli Vogeler Chief Clerk 815-753-1666
Caysea Nolan Desk Operations Graduate Assistant (DOGA) 815-753-1469
Alandis Phillips Full Time Hall Director West 815-753-1432
Marcia White Graduate Hall Director East 815-753-1528
Rachel L. Stice Graduate Hall Director North 815-753-1718
Sahin Sahinoglu Neptune North Fine Arts LLC 815-753-8249
Susana Das Neves Neptune West Exploring Majors LLC 815-753-5908
Neptune Central Main Desk   815-753-1725
Neptune North Main Desk   815-753-1726
Neptune Housing Fax   815-753-0564
Student Reception   815-753-0564
Computer Lab   815-753-1377
New Residence Hall
Connie Storey Complex Coordinator 815-753-7615
Mary Riggs Chief Clerk 815-753-7617
Desk Operations Graduate Assistant (DOGA) 815-753-7618
Kalin Noel Full Time Hall Director West Odd 815-753-7616
Patrick Haught Graduate Assistant Hall Director West Even 815-753-7627
Coresair Mack Graduate Assistant Hall Director East Odd 815-753-7626
Helen Young Graduate Assistant Hall Director East Even 815-753-7625
J.D. Bowers New Hall East Honors LLC 815-753-9399
Greg Ross New Hall West International LLC 815-753-6452
New Hall East Main Desk 815-753-7631
New Hall West Main Desk 815-753-7633
New Hall Community Center Main Desk 815-753-7600
New Hall Fitness Center 815-753-7677
Stevenson Residence Hall Towers
Ryan Colvin Complex Coordinator 815-753-0544
Paula Vasko Chief Clerk 815-753-8714
Kristen Patenaude Desk Operations Graduate Assistant (DOGA) 815-753-0553
Myriah Wiltrout Graduate Hall Director A Tower 815-753-0049
Nicole Stelter Graduate Hall Director B Tower 815-753-0367
Patrick Proctor Graduate Hall Director C Tower 815-753-0542
Tashena Briggs Full Time Hall Director D Tower 815-753-0520
Sandi Splansky Stevenson A Floors 3-9 Health Professions LLC 815-753-1891
Melanie Bickley Stevenson A Floors 11-12 Teach Professions LLC 815-753-0846
Arielle Kalvelage Stevenson B Transfer Community 815-753-8038
Stevenson A/B Main Desk   815-753-0371
Stevenson C/D Main Desk   815-753-0515
Fax   815-753-6965
Computer Lab   815-753-3421
Student Reception   815-753-8715
Residential Dining
Richard Fritz Director 815-753-9566
Office Manager 815-753-9567
Kenneth Whitney Associate Director 815-753-1952
Ron Castenson Maintenance Supervisor 815-753-9561
Andrew Karp CBORD & Tech Support 815-753-0563
Chef 815-753-9534
Brian Schneider 815-753-8753
Jean-Ann Thomas Food Procurement 815-753-9558
Jazmin Lackey Student Application Office Support 815-753-0561
Melanie Cortes Special Projects Coordinator 815-753-9556
Kaitlyn Chopelas Nutrition Wellness Coordinator 815-753-9556
Mary Graham Nutrition Wellness Coordinator 815-753-9556
Kasie Kephart Food Allergy Support Coordinator 815-753-9556
Fax   815-753-9560
Dog Pound Deli
Dog Pound Deli 815-753-3354
East Side Cafe
Audrey Maxey Unit Manager 815-753-3131
Emily Bergstrand Head Student Manager 815-753-3132
Gilbert Dining Center
Audrey Maxey Gilbert Dining Unit Manager 815-753-3131
David Etnyre Assistant Manager 815-753-3131
Rhonda Shafer Clerk 815-753-0548
Emily Bergstrand Head Student Manager 815-753-3132
Gilbert Dining 815-753-3132
Neptune Dining Center
Mark Gregory Neptune Dining Unit Manager 815-753-9778
Angi Bergstrand Assistant Manager 815-753-9781
Sandy Carey Assistant Manager 815-753-9780
Denise Hake Assistant Manager / Bakery Manager 815-753-7450
Rhonda Shafer Clerk 815-753-0548
Danielle Saubert Graduate Assistant 815-753-1108
Steve Miklasz Storekeeper 815-753-7450
Javarus Jacobs Head Student Manager 815-753-0548
Neptune Dining 815-753-9779
Fax 815-752-0548
New Hall Dining Center
Brian Pringnitz New Hall Dining Unit Manager 815-753-7653
Glenda Davies Assistant Manager 815-753-7658
Rodolfo (Rudy) Galindo Assistant Manager 815-753-7658
Terri Mann-Lamb Assistant Manager 815-753-7658
Brian Smith Assistant Manager 815-753-7657
Vicki Thompson Clerk 815-753-7652
Storekeeper 815-753-7671
Head Student Manager 815-753-7656
New Hall Dining 815-753-7650
Fax 815-753-7651
Stevenson Dining Center
Stevenson Dining Unit Manager 815-753-9688
Chuck Anderson Assistant Manager 815-753-9699
Scot Ostrander Assistant Manager 815-753-9699
Josh Silvius Assistant Manager 815-753-9699
Donald Williams Assistant Manager 815-753-9699
Calvin Min Hua Leong Graduate Assistant 815-753-9698
Debbie Malcolm Clerk 815-753-1475
Darlys Davis Storekeeper 815-753-1477
Seth Buckwalter Head Student Manager 815-753-7986
Stevenson Dining 815-753-1478
Fax   815-753-1466
Angi Bergstrand Manager 815-753-2525
Asia Bell Head Student Manager 815-753-2525
Residential Facilities
Jennifer Manning Associate Director Facilities 815-753-6166
Tina Berg Office Manager 815-753-1443
Tim Trottier Assistant Director Facilities and Operations 815-753-0546
Coordinator Facilities 815-753-7407
Danielle Young Facilities & Operations Liaison Graduate Assistant 815-753-6571
Jason Gilbert   Work Request Office Graduate Assistant 815-753-2099
Damage/Key Billing Representative 815-753-6105
Routing Supervisor 815-753-1928
Work Request Line   815-753-4948
Residential Technology
Jan Gerenstein Associate Director, Residential Technology 815-753-5339
Michael Kuba Assistant Director, Residential Technology 815-753-5332
John Bender Helpdesk Manager 815-753-4008
Curtis Grimes Application Developer / Server Administrator 815-753-9568
Megan Lafata Lab Operations Graduate Assistant 815-753-4007
Development Team Graduate Assistant 815-753-5393
ResTech Helpdesk Residential Technology Helpdesk 815-753-6267