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In an exceedingly complex and interconnected world, the University Honors Program is dedicated to advancing the international education of our students. Fundamentally, there is considerable intellectual value in learning about the diverse peoples, cultures, languages, countries and experiences that span the globe. At the same time, there is a compelling practical dimension to global learning. University Honors graduates who understand the world and can interact effectively across national borders will be well-positioned to compete for jobs in a global economy.

Both individual and national well-being will be increasingly tied to a capacity to work collaboratively with foreign citizens to address a broad range of challenging global issues. For these reasons, the University Honors Program is strongly committed to developing, supporting and promoting international education opportunities. To encourage our students to study internationally, we offer study abroad travel grants exclusively to eligible University Honors students. 

Honors Study Abroad Opportunities

The Study Abroad Office is a great campus resource where you can find detailed information about numerous destinations, schedule an appointment with a staff member to customize a trip and more! 

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