Course Offerings


Summer 2015

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HIST 377H    U.S. Environmental History: Farms, Food, and Rural America 

Course Types

Course offerings for recent semesters are posted on the right side of this page. There are several different types of courses.

Cornerstones: Freshmen-only fall courses 100-200 level, limited to 20-25 students per class, satisfies both Lower Division and general education (PLUS course) requirements

Honors Seminars: 300-400 level, limited to 15-20 students per class, satisfies Upper Division requirements, no prerequisites needed 

Mini Sections: A select number of seats for University Honors students within a larger regular section of a course

University Honors students enrolled in a Mini Section will be asked to complete course requirements that are qualitatively different than what is required of students who are regularly enrolled. 

All University Honors freshmen and sophomores are expected to enroll in at least one stand-alone course each semester. All University Honors juniors and seniors are encouraged to enroll in stand-alone courses and must complete one Honors Seminar outside his or her major to satisfy the requirements for Upper Division Honors or full University Honors.

Before registering for courses, students are strongly encouraged to make an appointment to speak with a University Honors advisor. You can make an appointment by contacting the University Honors Program by telephone (815-753-0694) or e-mail (

Unless noted in the schedule book below, no permit number is needed to enroll in a University Honors course.