Course Offerings

Spring 2013 Stand-alone Honors Courses

Upper Division Honors Courses
(Honors students only)

Course Number Course Title Instructor
ARTH 485 Topics in Art History:  National Internationalism—The World’s Fair (PDF) Houze
BIOS 493 Topics in Biology - Great Adventures in Biological Diversity (PDF) Stafstrom
ENGL 420 Arthurian Literature (PDF) Clifton
ENGL 474 The International Short Story (PDF) Renk
EPS 492 Special Topics in Educational Psychology: Coming of Age in Literature and Film (PDF) Shumow
FCNS 438 Parent Education (PDF)
*Instructor will waive prerequisites for this Honor-only course offering. 
FLFR 371 Masterpieces of French Literature in Translation -
French Kissing: Love, Marriage, and Friendship in France
*This course is available for Lower Division and Upper Division General Education Credit 
HIST 387 History of Genocide (PDF) Bowers
KNPE 399H KNPE Department Honors:  Stress Management, Coping Strategies for Improved Health and Well Being (PDF) A. Miller
PSYC 306 Advanced Research Methods (PDF) Santuzzi
SOCI 395 Contemporary Topics in Sociology - The Sociology of Extremism:  Understanding Threats from Terrorism, Hate and Radicalization (PDF) Robison

Honors-only Courses for Majors only

Course Number Course Title Instructor
UHHS 460 Introduction to Research in Health and Human Sciences Braun
UBUS 311 Business Core: Applications Seminar (PDF) Elliott

Lower Division Honors Courses
(Honors students only)

Course Number Course Title Instructor
ANTH 220 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (PDF) Russell
CHEM 210 General Chemistry I (PDF) Ballantine
COMS 100 Fundamentals of Oral Communication Anderson
COMS 100 Fundamentals of Oral Communication Pierce
ECON 261 Principals of Macroeconomics (PDF) Anderson & Mohabbat
ENGL 105 Rhetoric and Composition (PDF) Bradley
EPFE 201 Education as an Agent for Change (PDF) Cisneros
FCNS 280 Human Development, the Family, and Society (PDF) B. Miller
GEOL 120/121 Introductory Geology with Lab (PDF) Montgomery
HIST 261 American History Since 1865 (PDF) Fogleman
MATH 230/297 Calculus II Staff
MUHL 220 Introduction to Music (PDF) Griffin
PHIL 105 Logic and Critical Reasoning (PDF) Beaudoin
PHYS 253 Fundamentals of Physics I:  Mechanics (PDF) Brown
POLS 100 American Government and Politics (PDF) Schraufnagel
PSYC 102 Introduction to Psychology (PDF) Ranstead
THEA 203 Introduction to Theatre (PDF) Schneider