Social Justice Conference

Social Justice Conference: 
The Local, The Global

Saturday, October 25, 2014
Barsema Hall

9:00am- 9:45am 

Registration and Breakfast, Barsema Atrium

10:00am- 11:00am

Keynote Address, Barsema Auditorium

Allyson E. Gold, JD. “You Are Where You Live: The Unjust Relationship Between Housing and Health and What You Can Do About It!”

11:10am- 12:10pm

Morning Breakout Sessions (30 minutes each)

1. Session D: Poverty (211)

“The Economics of Discrimination,” Gideon Jesionowski, Hope Fair Housing Center, Chicago

“Poverty in Haiti before and after the earthquake,” Dr. Mark Schuller, Anthropology and NGOLD

2. Session B: Immigration (213)

“Undocumented Students on our Campus,” Sara Briseno, Dream Action NIU, Student Organization

3. Session C: Education (227)

“Girls Education and the Gender-gap in Kenya,” Dr. Teresa Wasonga, Education, NIU

“Poverty and Education in Northern Illinois,” TBD

4. Session D: Environmental Justice (219)

“Dekalb Water,” Dr. Melissa Lenczenski, Environmental Studies, NIU.

“Conservation and Equitable Access to Water in Israel, Jordan and Palestine,” Dr. Emily McKee, Anthropology, NIU


Lunch Barsema Atrium

1:10pm- 2:10pm

Afternoon  Breakout sessions:

1. Session E: Activism (219)

“GROW local activism,” Diana Alday, NIU Honors Student, Education major

“Global Social Justice: An Engineering Perspective,” Taylor Bogan & Andrew Otieno, Engineers Without Borders, NIU Chapter

2. Session F: Domestic Violence (211)

“Rape and Domestic Violence in South Asia,” Dr. Shweta Moorthy, Political Science, NIU

“Shattering the Silence.” Zuri Breceda, Women’s Rights Alliance, Student Organization, NIU

3. Session G: Gender and Sexuality (227)

“When being Gay is a Death Sentence--Global issues for LGBTQ,” Kimberly Johnson, Assistant Director, ACCESS, NIU

“Local LGBTQ Issues and Allies,” TBD

4. Session H: Food Security (219)

“Camp Power—Hunger in University Village,” Nancy Prange, College of Health and Human Sciences, NIU.

“Food Security in Nairobi’s Urban Slums,” Global Courtney Gallaher, Geography and Women, Gender and Sexuality, NIU

2:10- 2:30pm

Closing Remarks - J.D. Bowers, Ph.D., University Honors Program