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Welcome! Thank you for your contributions to the University Honors Program. The generous and dedicated support of faculty members is essential to the continuing success of the University Honors Program. We hope this page will serve as a helpful resource for you. If you do not find the information you are seeking, please do not hesitate to contact us at 815-753-0694 or honors@niu.edu.

Key Documents & Faculty Resources

NOTE: Students completing the capstone are required to make an appointment with the assistant director for advising and to obtain the capstone approval (signature) page that must accompany the capstone application.

In-Course Honors Contracts

We recommend that students take a designated Honors course whenever possible. In the event that the student is unable to take a designated Honors course, due to scheduling availability or having to take major requirements that aren't traditionally offered as Honors. We recommend that they pursue an In-Course Contract to satisfy their Honors requirements for the semester. Please refer to In-Course Honors Guidelines for more detailed information on how such classes are structured.


We frequently hear from faculty who would like to recommend students to the University Honors Program. If you are teaching an undergraduate who maintains a 3.2 GPA or above and is interested in joining the University Honors Program, please encourage the student to schedule an appointment with an advisor at the University Honors Center. Appointments can be made by telephone at 815-753-0694, e-mail at honors@niu.edu or in person at the University Honors Center in Campus Life Building 110, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Interested students may also complete an application for continuing NIU students and submit it to the University Honors Center.

Meeting Space

The University Honors Center in Campus Life Building 110 offers meeting and classroom space options:

  • Capstone Library - Seats about 12 around a seminar table
  • Large classroom/small classroom - A movable wall allows this space to be adjusted to fit smaller or larger groups. The room is equipped with smart classroom technology.

To reserve space in the University Honors Center, please call: 815-753-0694.

Honors Committee

The University Honors Committee is comprised of faculty, administrators, and students to advise the Associate Vice Provost for University Honors, evaluate the University Honors Program and make recommendations for improving the University Honors Program.

Thank you and congratulations to the following individuals, who are recipients of the University Honors Great Professor Award. This annual, university-wide award recognizes NIU faculty and staff for their leadership, dedication, and service to the University Honors Program.

  • 2001 - C. Daniel Dillman
  • 2002 - Nancy Nuzzo
  • 2003 - Gary Glenn
  • 2004 - Thomas Roberts
  • 2005 - Carol Demoranville
  • 2006 - Steve Franklin
  • 2007 - Judy Santacaterina
  • 2008 - Christopher Jones
  • 2009 - Jason Hawke
  • 2010 - Nancy Castle
  • 2011 - Dennis Barsema
  • 2012 - Rebecca Houze
  • 2013 - Tim Ryan
  • 2014 - Nicholas Pohlman
  • 2015 - Madelyn Kerbach Anderson & Tim Pierce