Hints, Tips, and Rules

Hints, Tips, and Rules for Check Requests, Travel Vouchers, and Purchase Orders

  • Accounting and Procurement forms are available at NIU Financial Management System Forms page.
  • Your Grant Administrator must sign all grant paperwork, so you cannot submit the forms electronically.
  • Travel Vouchers go first to Accounting to be reviewed by the travel staff.
  • Check Requests are used for most reimbursements under $1,000, and conference fees, memberships and subscriptions under $5,000.
  • Purchase Requisition forms are used for ordering materials, equipment, books etc.
  • All equipment must be ordered through the Procurement office using a purchase requisition form.
  • See PO-AP Forms Matrix for a complete accounting forms guideline. This guideline should help you decide which form to use for what type of expenditure or reimbursement and must be viewed from Internet Explorer rather than Netscape.
  • If you are planning any foreign travel, please check in with us first! Each agency has different rules about prior approval, carriers, budget flexibility etc.
  • Subcontracts greater than $5,000 must go through the legal office and may take a very long time - please plan ahead!
  • The Accounting Office will not accept hand-written check requests or purchase requisition forms - please complete these on-line if possible.

PLEASE contact us if you have any questions! We are all on GroupWise and have voice mail. The name, phone number, and office number of the grant administrator working with you is listed on your grant paperwork, and our general office number is 753-1576.